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Mar 21, 2012 04:47 PM

Quite, casual, outdoor cafe with drinks

This Friday I'm playing hooky from work and spending the day celebrating the First Friday of Spring in Manhattan. I have brunch & dinner (and plenty of park time) all set , but I need some place in the afternoon to be able to chill out for a little bit (for at least a solid hour or two) get a nice glass of wine, maybe a light snack (preferably from a kitchen not known for being horrible), and read a book, all while basking in the sun outside. Preferably not in a loud neighborhood (I work in midtown, across from a construction site, so I'm SO DONE with jackhammers and fire trucks). I turned first to rooftop bars, but they all seem to open at 4 or 5pm -- the Bookmark Lounge in the Library Hotel is almost perfect, if only it was open a little earlier. I then thought about the Palace Gate but that seems a little high brow, and I'm afraid they won't like my book reading (though I won't be one of those a-holes that holds a table without ordering food/drinks). I've never been, though, so I'm not sure. That rooftop bar on top of Eataly is open, but I'm afraid that's not conducive to book reading. So, I'm stumped!

Uptown, downtown, trendy or old school--anything goes, and price is not an issue. PLEASE recommend and help me make the most of my little vacation day!! :)

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  1. Order some meze, glass (or three) of Turkish white and hang out all afternoon on the roof terrace of Ali Baba's Terrace. 862 2nd Avenue at 46th.

    1. How about Bar Pitti in the Village? Probably not quiet with the 6th Ave. traffic, but I could totally see reading a book and chilling there with a glass of wine.

      1. Thanks for the recommendations. Our wanderings found us in the West Village around 3pm. And quite by accident, I stumbled upon Gottino on Greenwich. Absolutely exactly what I was looking for. There was even a READER in the back garden when we arrived. Had 3 glasses of wine, a plate of olives, and the most relaxing 2 hours of my day. Definitely my go-to spot from now on.