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Live Crawfish finds and price check for 2012

So far this season, I have heard the crawfish are smaller and a tad expensive and from what I have seen they may be right. This will change as the season matures though. I know HEB is waiting a little longer to put their orders in for live bags and by the pound orders because of size and quality.

I went to Cypress Grill off William Cannon for their Crawfish Tuesday boil and was not disappointed. Very full and tasty. I do prefer to boil my own at home though.

Where have you found live crawfish so far? What was their size? Price?

I don't throw huge parties worthy of a 15 or 30 pound bag so I look for "by the pound" sales. The few HEB's around my house usually have large tables of live crawfish to pick your own from this time of year. I hope to have many small boils of those tasty mudbugs. Stuffed, located up north on 620, has great Andouille sausage for your boils.

Keep posting your finds here throughout the 2012 season. Enjoy!

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  1. Saw this on Quality Seafood's site yesterday:

    We have live crawfish boiled in house for $6.99/lb every Thursday from 6 - 9pm in the restaurant. To reserve live crawfish from our retail market, call 512.454.5828. Orders must be placed by Wed. at 8 p.m. for Thurs. - Sat. pick up. The current retail price is $3.99/lb, and the minimum purchase is one sack (approximately 30 lb).

    It seems a little pricey considering that you have to buy about 30lbs worth, but I guess when you think about it.... that's not a ton of money to feed maybe 15-20 of your friends. I'm into hearing more options out there, whoever's got em.

    1. I saw them at the Fiesta on Stassney last weekend. Didn't pay attention to the price or size.

      1. i'm jealous-- none of the HEBs up my way (NW) sell live crawfish.

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          The Volente HEB Plus (Anderson Mill & 620) is advertising live crawfish this weekend. I'm hoping they'll have a crawfish boil going out front like they've done for crabs in the past.

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            HEB is doing boiling demos at all stores Saturday & Sunday at 11AM. Live (by the sack) is $1.40/lb or less than a sack for $2.49/lb

        2. HEB in Pflugerville has live crawfish.

          1. That's great to hear on Quality Seafood. I checked earlier in the week and they were $4.49/lb. I also checked Stuffed on 620 and they were $4.20/lb.

            1. In the past, I've purchased sacks of crawfish from HEB, Fiesta and Quality Seafood.

              Quality Seafood has always been significantly more expensive, but I've never had any significant dead loss in one of their sacks. With Fiesta and HEB, I've occasionally had a sack with a lot of dead loss.

              1. Just looked at QS's site and they're down to $3.75/lb.

                1. I know you are more interested in where to buy crawfish but i wanted to mention that SAM'S BOAT has the best crawfish in town. They are monsters already. Seriously, i had a few that bordered on small lobster size.

                  Not a place I would typically go although I had 3 different people (1 from louisiana) recommend the place in less than a week.

                  That being said, my wife and i have gone twice within 5 days and both times were blown away.

                  1. I'm having my crawfish boil this weekend. We are getting our crawfish from Stuffed ($4/lb). I'll report back on how they are next week.

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                      $1.99/lb. at fiesta on stassney for medium sized crawfish and $2.99/lb. for large. Cypress grill has some of the best I've ever had in a restaurant every Tuesday from 5-sold out. I lived in Louisiana for 2 years and learned a lot about crawfish and how to prepare them as I am a chef. I would also endorse the comment about SAM's boat, pretty good.

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                        jlowe213- what is your preferred boil recipe? is it nice and spicy? a lot of cayenne?

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                          mickeyjones69 - I'll post my recipe up here for reference. I do small 3lb boils on my stove top at least a dozen times or more per season. I have perfected this based on those small boils so multiply for larger boil. This is pretty spicy and really flavorful.

                          For a 3 pound solo boil:
                          8 quart pot
                          3 lbs live crawfish
                          4 cups Louisiana brand Crawfish Shrimp and Crab boil - granulated spice (comes in a big bag at HEB or Stuffed
                          2 ounces Zatarain's Shrimp & Crab boil liquid
                          1 head of garlic, peeled and separated.
                          1/2 stick of butter - this ingredient I find really helps the spice stick and permeate
                          Corn and small red potatoes if you want, andouille sausage too.

                          Fill the 8 quart pot halfway with water and start to boil. Add your seasoning, garlic and butter and bring to a rolling boil. Let it roll, covered, for about 10 minutes to really get all the flavor into the water. Add potatoes and simmer for about 20 mins. Add corn and simmer for 10-15 more minutes. Add sausage and simmer for 5 mins more. Add the crawfish, return to a boil, and cook for about 5 mins more. Remove from heat and let sit in liquid for up to 30 minutes, the longer it sits, the spicier it gets.

                          Drain the water out of the pot and pour the crawfish onto a cookie sheet. Enjoy. :)

                          I'm am cooking my first solo boil of the season as I type and my neighborhood is doing a 200 pound boil tomorrow. Love this stuff!

                    2. I just picked up $16 lbs for $2.99 per pound from Fiesta. They look pretty good and they're all alive. I'll be cooking these up today. I'm trying a Vietnamese boil. Really not all that different, but the Viet places add orange and other spices to the boil.

                      I called a couple of HEBs and none had crawfish. Which stores have these $1.40 lb sacks? amykragan, has this been verified?

                      1. I do a rather large boil every year and get mine from Quality Seafood. They may be a tad higher but you wont have to purge them and they will be clean with very few dead. It's well worth it when everyones compliments start rolling in!

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                        1. I did 50 lbs over the weekend and got them from Stuffed. They were $3.75/lb. I agree with Garnerac, they were more expensive than what you get at Fiesta/HEB, but they were purged, had very few dead and were a nice sized crawfish. This was the first time we bought from Stuffed and I would definitely buy from there again.

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                            Yeah,. I'd go there more if it wasn't so far from me. Coincidentally, my Fiesta purchase turned out well. There were only two crawfish in a 16 lb bag that were DOA. The orange in the boil gave a very small hint of sweetness to the mouth-searing, garlicky remainder.
                            Still need to verify the $1.40 per lb HEB crawfish.