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Mar 21, 2012 01:56 PM

Wedding reception at a restaurant: on Grand Prix Weekend... help please?

Hello, we are planning a small wedding reception dinner at a restaurant for approximately 15-20 people, on June 9th 2012. Anyone know of a good place to go that might be on the island, but not in the thick of the throng on Grand Prix weekend? I don't even know how to begin to choose.
Basic criteria are: no spicy ethnic, basically French or ITalian are safe bets I guess, and no loud craziness like Weinstein and Gavinos or the like... and definitely not on Crescent or anywhere nearby. We can probably spend up to $100 per person, I guess.

any suggestions? Many thanks in advance!

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  1. My first instinct was 'oh no- not Grand Prix weekend" and so was my 2nd. If indeed you are stuck on that weekend to have your reception I can only suggest that you choose a restaurant out of the downtown, Plateau, Little Italy areas. Although the 100.00 p/p is a great and generous price to consider as a reception cost Restaurants worth mentioning here are looking for a much larger price per person that weekend.

    I would have to say stay in the burbs at some quiet place where your business would be most welcome that weekend as the entire city will be in all the good places that Montreal is known for. Congratulations on the nuptials

    1. Yeah, that's quite the weekend you are choosing to have your wedding reception. It is absolute chaos to drive around the city and not hit one of the many Ferraris zooming at you.

      One place I thought of though is M sur Masson in Rosemont, a cute part of the city many forget about and which is also away from all the hustle from Grand Prix. I was there earlier this month and it is very beautiful interior with a great menu focused on meats and seafood. Their oysters were the freshest I've had in the city (sorry Au Pied du Cochon) and they also had an awesome French onion soup (though this again makes me this of APDC and I think APDC slightly beats M sur Masson on this category). Their mains are, as mentioned, mainly meats and seafood in the approximately $25-35 category. They also expanded in the recently years and acquired the same next door, so I could see them using that room for a private party. When I was there for a Saturday night dinner there was a table of about 12 in that room, with about 10 more people sitting in groups of 2-4 on the other side. So I'd recommend you try inquiring with them.

      Good luck.

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        Thanks all.
        l'll look into M sur Masson. Or yes, the burbs... but i sort of want to avoid bridges too...

        The other suggestion I has was Chez Gautier, on Parc Ave near-ish Milton. I wonder...

        1. re: LittleBee

          Maybe you could check with Le Ptit Plateau or L'Entre-pont if they can arrange something for you (like reserving the whole restaurant)... Someone I know recently threw a bday party at L'Entrepont and they had the whole place for their group...

          1. re: LittleBee

            Why not try calling MAS Cuisine in Verdun. It is one of the best restaurants in the city and, since they are usually closed on Saturdays anyway, might be willing to host a private function.

        2. Well, let's not go crazy and eat in the burbs, it can't be that bad yet :)

          Grand Prix is not THAT crazy, just stay away from Crescent and lower Saint-Laurent street. How about How about Kitchen Gallery near the Jean-Talon market. If it’s not too small, which I’m afraid it might be, it’s perfect.

          Lemeac is big and should not boost it’s prices during that week-end (they don’t need to...), it’s just that it won’t be very intimate, it’s a big bistro space.

          And with that budget, you should even be able to do some of Montreal’s best restaurant such as Club Chasse et Pêche or DNA. Both are in old Montreal, which will be busier with the tourist, but still very manageable to drive, if you don’t get there too late. Especially if you use public transit, which is very easy in that area. Otherwise, the Centre des Science has a big parking lot, and it’s July, so you can walk. Heck, in Old montreal, you can do Graziella, one of the best Italian in the City.
          Tons of other options I’m not thinking of, I just wanted to specify not to be excessively afraid of the Grand-Prix week-end. Take it into account, but don’t be afraid of it. DO reserve in advance however!

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          1. re: sweettoothMTL

            Haha! your 1st line in your answer had me giggling :-) hey I used to live in the burbs and so I am one of these "burb defernders" :-)

            Kitchen Galerie looks nice! Very nice indeed...

            I did call chez gautier and they say no problem... I'll check if any chowhounders have reviewed it...

          2. for italian, have a look at graziella (old-montreal), they have a private room, maybe it can work.
            for "french" have a look at "Le Local" , they also have a private room.


            1. Like a few others, I would advise to stay as far as Downtown as possible. Little Italy might not be a safe bet as well since there is some kind of F1 event going on as well there during GP weekend. M sur Masson, L'entrepont or L'héritier (its cousin) strike me as good ideas, but book ASAP.