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Mar 21, 2012 01:31 PM

South Padre Island and surrounding area Eats

Looking for recommendations for good restaurants in South Padre Island and surrounding area.

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  1. good luck, we've been to SP several times over the years and nothing has made an impression. Sea Ranch served us frozen Gorton's style shrimp. Dirty Al's is not bad, but food was greasy, even the fresh looking shrimp.

    1. Thought I'd try again...any suggestions? South Padre Island, Port Isabel, Harlingen, Brownsville?

      1. Just came back from a weekend on the island. Had dinner at Senor Donkey and Cafe Kranzler and breakfast at Ted's and Grapevine Cafe. In the interest of sharing info here are some quick breakdowns:
        - Senor Donkey: average to below average tex-mex, average service, average prices.
        - Cafe Kranzler: decent "American" cuisine but slightly overpriced for what you get. Probably one of the better food options on the island, it was quiet and appeared to be mostly populated by locals. Objectively speaking though, the cuisine/setting/service/cost balance would not fare well in a real restaurant market and I think this place probably survives on being a respite from the throngs of tourists at the assembly line establishments that make up the SPI restaurant market.
        - Grapevine Cafe: decent breakfast fare, particularly the breakfast tacos. Good coffee. Decent pricing.
        - Ted's: below average breakfast fare but cheap.
        This is obviously just a small cross-section of what's available but I was pretty underwhelmed. Best meal of the weekend was at Taqueria Almeida outside of Corpus Christ on the drive down (highly recommend).

        1. It's been years but Manuel's in PI is (was) a great breakfast spot.

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            Manuel's is mainland side in Port Isabel, I thought

          2. Manuel's was on South Padre Island before relocating to Port Miserable. Long time ago!!