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Mar 21, 2012 12:55 PM

Latino Food

I have seen little reference to good Latino food in CT. Recently I had the good fortune to eat at two surprisingly good places. The first was a 15 month old restaurant in Waterbury called El Americano. Not much to look at, but good food. The tostones and pork sandwich were excellent. The second was just the other day, when I found a taco truck pulled into a parking lot in Woodbury - El Camion. The menu is limited to various tacos and burritos, but the fish taco was excellent, with firm fish, crunchy cabbage, and a fresh mango and corn salsa. I'm tired of the places that claim to serve authentic cuisine, but serve the tired old taco and enchilada menus where you know the food has been microwaved. I want to hear about places that serve not just Mexican, but other Latino cuisines, and are really good. I want to know about places that if they serve mole, serve other than mole poblano, for instance. There must be places that serve great food. Let's share our references.

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  1. David - I'd suggest trying Suso Latino Basket in Manchester on Middle Turnpike in the Manchester Green part of town. I grew up in Manchester but have lived for decades elsewhere. I was visiting family and my sister and I decided to give this place a try. The menu is Pan-Latin with Peruvian, Puerto Rican, and Spanish dishes. I had a slow cooked pork with rice that was extremely good. We also had Papa Rellena, a Peruvian dish with ground meat stuffed into mashed potatoes in a deep fried crust. I found all the dishes we tried very fully and well seasoned. Prices were good. Suso, the owner, is from Spain and used to work in the Morton's chain. The place is BYOB and there is a liquor store right next door.

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      del, thanks for the thoughtful input.

    2. A coworker of mine has been raving about La Kerencya on Franklin Ave in Hartford. I haven't made it over there yet so I can't personally vouch for it, however I trust this particular coworker's restaurant recommendations. It is a Peruvian restaurant:

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        Thanks. Looked it up online and looks good.

      2. There are a couple of Mexican places in Danbury that are recomended here a lot: El Ranchero and Paco's Tacos. There is a place in the center of Danbury that has a Brasilian Buffet with meats cooked on a spit which was called "Terra Brasilis" and is now known as "Brasilis BBQ". I like it alot. Terra Brasilis also has a location in Bridgeport I think.

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          Thanks. I have also heard of a couple places in Bridgeport on the Fairfield line (Brooklawn area) that I'll report back on.