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Mar 21, 2012 12:18 PM

The Fish Fry - Nassau/Bahamas?


Can anyone direct me to a website for The Fish Fry's menu? Any other sugestions for seafood dining in Nassau/Paradise Island area?


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  1. Fish Fry is an area in Nassau, called Awarak City, it's to the west of the Hilton and Junkanoo beach area near downtown. There are several restaurants and food shacks there. Most have similar menus, but some are better than others at things like conch fritters or conch salad. Shacks like Andros or King & Goldies get raves on their conch. Restaurants like Twin Brothers, have larger menus and tend to get the media following them. Most have their menus painted on the wall, or signs outside. Just go and walk around and find something you'dlike to try, or hit where you see more locals than tourists.

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      Fish Fry is definitely worth checking out. Also check out the shacks under the bridge that goes to Paradise Island. The conch salad is amazing.