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Mar 21, 2012 12:06 PM

Sam Admas Noble Pils

Hi = has anyone seen Noble Pils in stores around Atlanta yet this year?

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  1. Noble Pils is no longer their spring (sic) seasonal (it was replaced by Alpine Spring) and came out a bit later because of that but it will now be a year-'round release.

    The Samuel Adams website has a "Locate it" option for all their beers and entering an Atlanta zip code turns up dozens of hits for SANP.

    1. Haven't seen it in my area (metro boston) yet either.

      1. I had the Samuel Adams Nobel Pils last year, and thought it was quite good.

        1. I'd snag some if I saw it, I think it's one of their best beers

          1. Strangely (and fortunately) I was in Greenville, SC this weekend and saw it at Greens beverages. Didn't exepct to see it after Alpine Spring became the seasonal for this time of year.