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Mar 21, 2012 12:01 PM

SushiSamba Miami on Memorial Day?

Does anoyone know what is up with this restaurant for Memorial Day (May 28th)? Opentable shows no availability so I called the restuarant and the woman I spoke with said the date is blacked out on their reservations book and she doesn't know why. I am thinking this means wither a) theya re closed; b) they aren't taking reservations until closer to the date; or, c) they aren't taking reservations at all. I thought this would be a fun place for us to go for our one night in SOBE before driving to Key West. We are staying at the Kimpton Surfcomber, arriving early that morning and plan to relax by the pool most of the day, but want to have a fun,casual dinner that night (two couples). I have reserved Ola in case SushiSamba is unavailable, but was just wondering if anyone knew the dealio on this. Thanks!

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  1. Do not come here memorial day.

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      another thing we agree on...

      Kireland, I strongly suggest you google "Miami Beach Memorial Day Weekend" and then make an educated decision if that is something you want to be a part of. If not, I'd suggest looking into a nice night on Key Biscayne or Coconut Grove where you can relax by the pool and then still be within short driving distance of a great meal somewhere.

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        I third the motion.

        If you're into Kimpton hotels, the Epic downtown is a great option and it's fairly close to the Grove and Midtown/Design District

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          Yes and Zuma which is in the hotel ain't a bad way to spend dinner. I have not been to Area 31 but heard good things too.

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            I'd have suggested that but I used to work downtown and Memorial Day weekend spills out there too...

      2. Too late - we're booked! We're only staying one night and that is the actual holiday (Monday the 28th). We have a private poolside cabana already rented where we plan to spend the day - so hopefully things shouldn't be too crazy. I'm off to google "Memorial Day Miami"!

        1. Was posting about something else and realized I never updated on this! Our experience with the tail-end of Urban Beach Week was pretty tame (lame?). Got to Miami and had no trouble getting to the hotel - there were some road closures/forced one-ways - but no traffic. Hotel was quiet and we spent a nice day at the pool. Our reservations at Ola were a bust - they closed down for the week due to UBW and failed to tell us - luckily I called ahead to confirm. Ended up going to Smith & Wollensky to watch the cruise ships go by (amazing Mojito's and a decent dinner in a great setting). No trouble getting cabs and no craziness on the streets - a few bikini & high-heels sightings, but it is South Beach!

          Our conclusion is that the crack-downs have turned this event into a non-event, though I imagine the disruptions are still annoying to locals.

          1. tpigeon is right....avoid Miami Beach and Miami on Memorial Day Weekend if at all possible.....I see that you're booked and best of luck....

            SoBe is a disaster on Memorial Day fact...I'd go so far as to say that at certain places and at certain times....SoBe can be dangerous that weekend....

            Ft. Pierce, FL

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              LargeLife - we must have been posting at the same time! Did you see my update? We survived (not trying to be insensitive, I know there has been terrible violence associated with UBW in the past). I think some of the wind has been taken out of UBW's sails with the security clamp down. Not saying I would make a point of going in the future but our coincidental booking at the tail end of the party was not marred by any of the bad behaviour that may have occurred in past years.

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                You never read the papers the day after the weekend...