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Mar 21, 2012 11:55 AM

Quick Surrey''s Review

Orange juice 10/10 - $13 for a caraffe? a little high, but damn tasty - extremely sweet, almost tasted like a pineapple jucie had been blended in

Banana pancake 1.5/10 - no, just no, batter undercooked - raw in parts, faint banana flavor - edges good, cause i like me some crispy - overall a pretty terrible pancake
Corned beef hash 9.5/10 - andouille, corned beef & boudin w/ potatos - awesome - so meaty, VERY flavorful - great all the way around
Fried chicken special 8.5/10 - cornmeal crusted, perfectly cooked - covered in a white, pepper gravy with eggs - very filling, hearty breakfast - would order again
CostaRican breakfast 9/10 - another winner - ripe avocado, blackbeans, brown rice, pico de gallo - very flavorful, very filling - a breakfast i could eat every day

Overall 8.5/10 - overall, great food, pancake not withstanding - if i lived near, I would be a regular @ breakfast

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  1. Good to know as I will be staying nearby in June and so may become a regular - at least for the 5 days I'm in town!

    Quick question, do they have counter seating?

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    1. re: ndukka562

      yes, counter, inside & outside - this refers to the mag. st. locale only

      1. re: GDPhalp

        The one in the Garden District? The one uptown is also on Magazine.

    2. next time, if you want bananas, get the bananas foster french toast. i'm salivating as i type.

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      1. re: voodootrane

        I was just there and had the bananas foster also. Just delicious!