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Mar 21, 2012 11:39 AM

Quick Boucherie Review

Pimms cup 9/10 - delicious, refreshing, fresh basil, cucumber, lemon - nicely done

Boudin balls 9.5/10 - best thing of the night, by a long shot - served hot & crispy with a garlic aioli for dipping - very, very good - boudin itself was nice and spicy
Blackened shrimp & grit cake 3/10 - shrimp was over blackened (seasoned), slightly overcooked, the grit cake needed seasoning
Parmesan fries 6.5/10 - did not live up to expectations - not "elevated" like truffle fries, or if they were cooked in duck fat - just decent

Wagyu brisket 7.5/10 - tender, tasty but overrated - i dont give a damn if its wagyu or not, its brisket - give me 3 dollar per pound brisket, let me slow cook it, it will be just as good - nothing transcendent about it - good sauce though
Sea scallops 2/10 - asian fusion at its worst - poorly seared, not great texture - oatmeal/chili risotto (as bad as it sounds), sitting in a chili oil - yeah, not good - no seasoning on anything, just bad

Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding 3/10 - quick explaination of dish, donuts, cream, eggs, oven - capiche??
Thai Chili Chocolate Chess Pie 4.5/10 - better than the bread pudding, buttermilk pie texture, not enough chocolate flavor - nice to have a little spice lingering on the palate, very one-note

Decent prices, I mean, I'd prefer to pay more & have better food, but...

Nice enough atmosphere, somewhat crowded with the table arrangment, but cozy, good bartender.

Overall 4.5/10

Not worth a trip back in a city with great food.

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  1. Appreciate the review. I was equally unimpressed when they first opened and have not been back for the creatively plated barbque. I think the low prices have a lot to do with its popularity.

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    1. re: JazzyB

      Agree completely - their price point is incredibly attractive, but add $8 per entree, the crowds disappear rather quickly

    2. Is the chef back in the kitchen?

      1. The boudin balls were the first thing I ever ate there just days after they opened. I have gotten them the other times we've gone also. Love them! But they were actually better in the beginning. The fries were great too. But we haven't been in about 2 years.