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Mar 21, 2012 11:35 AM

Döner kebab at Sultan's Kitchen vs. Boston Kebab House

Sultan's Kitchen? No contest. Literally. They're not serving lamb döner these days, and when pressed, say, "Maybe we'll start it up in a few weeks. Maybe." Annoying.

Meanwhile around the corner, Boston Kebab House does a pretty respectable döner wrap for just under $8, certainly generously laden with thin-sliced but not very char-edged lamb. A little wan in the flavor profile, too, no hope of dethroning of Brookline Family, but at least they serve one.

Anyone else had a good döner kebab lately?

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  1. Brookline Family is still the best for me and I think it is excellent by any standard. Bosphorus had a decent one before they closed down, but still not in the class of Brookline Family.

    1. Sultan's tried dőner kebab for quite a while; shit just didn't sell well.

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      1. re: BrettLove

        This is what I inferred, as I remember Sultan's doing a nice döner kebab for years, as recently as a year or two ago, that was better in my memory than my fallback this week at Boston Kebab House.

        The good news is that the pork or chicken gyros at the two nearby Zo locations is extraordinary.

        1. re: MC Slim JB

          TWO Zo locations? I'm familiar with the Center Plaza one. Where is the other one? (Hopefully closer to my office.)

          1. re: Alcachofa

            I know they were opening one in Faneuil Hall, but didn't know that it was opened yet...

            1. re: Alcachofa

              It's on State St, near Faneuil Hall but not in it. Pretty sure it's open.

              1. re: Alcachofa

                The second Zo is practically next door to Sultan's, 30 yards down State Street, #92. Haven't actually tried it, as I'm closer to the original. Same menu, I think. Opened in December.


              2. re: MC Slim JB

                Amen to that! After having tried nothing but local, suburban "House of Pizza" gyros my entire life, I'd say calling Zo's a revelation or "extraordinary" is hardly hyperbole. Oy, to think I was gonna' blow it off, based on said experience...

                Oh, and I've yet to note any difference between the two locations (been to each 3 times, now), save for shorter lines at the State St. (entrance on Merchant's Row, IIRC) location.

                1. re: BrettLove

                  Indeed, Zo's are miles away from your normal pizza/sandwich joint's Gyros. It's amazing how much better "real" meat tastes. I also like Farm Grill's version a lot.

                  1. re: keith

                    Zo is also noteworthy for being a rare purveyor of pork gyros in the US, though in Greece, that's the most popular option. Esperia is the only other one I know of locally that offers it (also a brilliant version). I really like Farm Grill's gyros, too, but they only do lamb (last I looked).


            2. Think I remember having one at Saray in Allston a while back. Don't remember it being paticularly memorable though. I've begged them to do one at Istabul'lu, but they demur, as it's not "homestyle" enough (which I can's definitely a fast food cart/restaurant dish, not a Turkish grandma's dish).

              In the absense of a good döner, I typically fall back on a schwarma (quite similar preparations in the US, though seasoned and topped differently), of which I think Garlic n Lemons does a nice version. I used to really like Arrarat (in Watertown), back in the day, but alas, they went downhill and then disappeared entirely.

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              1. re: keith

                Their spicy beef "sujek" shawarma I've found no where else & always order it as a to-go treat to savor at home after sharing a meal there with other enthusiasts. Their osmalia dessert is a melt-in-your mouth delight.