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Mar 21, 2012 11:27 AM

Saws in Avondale

Saws BBQ has opened a location in Avondale! Yay!

It's on 41st Street South near Avondale Brewing Company.

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    1. re: sheilal

      someone said it is more than BBQ- hamburgers too i think....called it Saw's soul kitchen maybe??

      1. re: hlsess

        Correct. I stopped in Saturday for a pulled pork sandwich to go and it was packed. They only have a few tables. The chalk board is the real menu and I understand it will change some depending on offerings.

        The sandwich was as good as always but $2.75 for an admittedly large side of previously frozen fries is kind spendy. I had hoped they would offer a combo like Moe's which includes the andwhich, drink, and two small sides for $9.

        1. re: Dax

          That's interesting Dax as the new review on stresses their fresh-cut fries. Maybe they hadn't set up the kitchen to do fresh-cut fries yet when you went?

          1. re: Ms. Finiky

            They didn't seem fresh cut to me that day, but maybe I was mistaken.

            1. re: Dax

              I haven't had the fries, but they don't look fresh cut to me, either. The onion rings, however, are really fresh. And one order is enough for 2-3 people. Lightly battered, well seasoned...the rings are not crispy and could use a little more drainage, but the onions therein are crunchy and sweet. I wouldn't touch the fries.

              I'm a big fan of the Pork and Greens. I had the burger, which was quite good, and the pork sandwich, which was also good. The sauce is thin, vinegary and spicy, but a little sweeter than I like. The pork isn't so much pulled as it is allowed to fall into tender, juicy chunks.

              I'm trying to make my way through the menu; one of these days I plan to just get sides. I mean, how often do you see deviled eggs on a menu?

              There has been some concern about the neighborhood, but it is pretty thoroughly gentrified. If one is frightened by that then Hwy. 280 is always there for you.

              1. re: Nichele

                We are thrilled about Saws Soul Kitchen, but we live in the neighborhood and so are biased! I definitely agree with Nichele: the fries are meh, the onion rings are delicious, skinny and sweet (and crispy when I've gotten them). Pork and greens on grits are delicious -- it's a brilliant combo, and one we'll probably see more of in town -- but a bit skimpy on the greens for my taste. Haven't tried the pulled pork sandwich but it's very generous on the meat. Husband likes the fried oyster sandwich, but it's a hot mess and nearly impossible to eat. Had the soft-shell crab BLT when it was on special and it was tasty though I'd prefer the crab more pan-fried and less deep fried; it sort of got lost in all the batter plus bread plus mayo. Would like to try more of their seafood specials!