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Mar 21, 2012 11:21 AM

Guinness in Manhattan

Can anyone rec. places in Manhattan where they had an exceptionally good pint of guinness recently? Not as important but any recent pours using the imperial pint glass vs. the tulip? Will be visiting the city soon. Location doesn't matter.


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  1. There was some discussion about it here: The top posts are ancient but the most recent replies are less than 3 years old and I would think thats safe for this kind of question.

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      1. re: Insidious Rex

        Thanks IR. I am familiar with both threads.

    1. Aren't the Guinness and other Irish and UK branded tulip glasses Imperial pints? Don't have a Guinness one handy, but my Samuel Smith tulip is (approx. 19 US oz). Or are you looking specifically for a Nonic Imperial pint glass?

      I know when I got a local bar and ask for a non-frosted glass the bartenders often look around and only have the Guinness tulip at room temp., and I say, "Oh, that's fine..." and think to myself, "More beer for me..." since it's larger than the US "shaker" pints.

      Exactly what makes one Guinness Draught better than the next at this point? It's a pasteurized, keg beer - in NYC they're all coming from the same local Guinness distributor, probably all running on similar nitro-serve systems at the same recommended temperatures, etc.

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        The way it's poured has a big effect on taste. I'm not a huge fan of Guiness, but hubby is and he sometimes knows when it is put in front of him that it was not poured properly.

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          Yes. Nonic shape is a variation of the Tulip pint, should have been more specific. Guinness in the states is mainly poured in tulip glasses. In Ireland it's both and I prefer Nonic. It really is a hit or miss in the states. I am aware of the complications in terms of, does the keg travel well, is the temperture where it's stored too cold, how it's poured & how long it sits before it's topped off and served. Canada Girls hubby has a keen eye. At any rate, thanks for the replies, visiting shortly and will see what happens. Cheers!

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            @egon, did you go yet? do you have your own list of recommendations? we are headed to manhattan soon as well and would love to hear your results. thanks.

            1. re: ssmomma

              Unfortunately, it wasn't a successful trip. In the past I had a good pint at Tir Na Nog - 5 Penn Plaza and also have enjoyed pints at Molly's Pub & Shebeen - 287 Third Ave. I can't recall if Molly's had guinness or not, maybe O'Hara's & Murphy's. Good Luck.

            2. re: egon

              "Guinness in the states is mainly poured in tulip glasses"

              I've never seen Guiness served in a tulip glass in NJ, PA, DE.

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                There are two very different styles of beer glassware called "tulip"- one of which is the standard Guinness branded glass in the US. Some UK brewers also use it (Bass and Samuel Smith's, for two examples), so I guess it can be said to be a "British Isles Tulip".

                I see it used for Guinness all the time in NJ -

       or a simple Google Images search for "Guinness tulip" will turn up hundreds of hits, with dozens of different logo designs.

                The other "tulip" is the stemmed glass that's often used by and for Belgian and Belgian-style beers.


            3. re: JessKidden

              For me I would say turn-over. I don't really drink guinness, but back when I used to, I would only drink it at certain irish pubs because I knew it would always be a fresh keg.

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                <Meant to reply to JessKidden>

                Basically comes down to clean draft lines then.

                I've had 100's of pints of Guinness back in the 90's and many were not poured correctly - just filled to the brim and handed over - and came to the conclusion that the "proper" pour is just a marketing gimmick, but also builds aniticipation.

              2. If you haven't had your trip yet, search for the recent Daily News article about Guinness pours (I think it was within the last year). They did one of their "5 best ..." things on it. I recall the Dead Poet (UWS) and Tracks (inside Penn Station) as being on the list but I don't remember the others. Good luck!

                1. Sorry I missed this question, but for those who don't know ... come up to the Bronx ... hand-cranked Guinness -- and not served in tulip glasses. An Beal Bocht on 238th street ... right down the street from the best bagels left in NYC.