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Mar 21, 2012 10:33 AM

Killer Roast Lamb Sandwich - Greek Corner Cambridge

I have avoided this place in the past due to so so reviews here. And I really do hate mediocre Greek food. Can't vouch for any of the serious entrees (moussaka, etc.) by my SO wanted to hit it cause a friend likes it.

Short story: roast lamb sandwich (I asked for extra Tzatziki) was just superb. Could not be improved upon. I got the plate (salad and some rice or fries). Would not order the plate again, the rice would nice, fries (my SO got fries) just so so. Not at all worth the extra $4. $6.50 for that sandwich... $8.50 would be fine. WAY better than Sofra's version at closer to $9.

My SO got the Gyro, which had exactly the same prep except the meat was that Gyro loaf junk that I think is WAY inferior to actual lamb. It tasted fine, but the lamb was in a different league all together.

I add it to my list of worthy sandwiches in all of Boston.

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  1. We get this through all the time. Lamb sandwich and spinach pie are a pretty standard order for us on a rainy shut-in day. It is delicious!

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      Gotta say, saw the spinach pie in the kitchen through the pass-through and it did look respectable as well.

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        The phyllo exterior is not quite as buttery as the best I remember at Peter's Deli on Broad Street in the financial district (now, lamentably, closed). It would be hard to beat Peter's for most of their dishes/sandwiches/salads. But this is a very close second.

    2. The avgolemono is pretty tasty, too.

      1. I love that sandwich and have eaten it frequently enough to say it is consistently excellent.

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          well, DARN, am and stripey, what TOOK you so long? I specifically posted about this place in the last yr or 2 and got mostly negative replies, iirc of course but maybe not . Now I finally have the recs and I can go and enjoy. So Thx much for the tip; looking forw to it.Roast lamb sdwch, no sides, spanakopita, avgolemeno- coming right up :-}

        2. I love Greek Corner, we always take guests here. The food is very good in a Greek comfort food sort of way. It's cheap for the food you get as well. Service used to be horrible which kept us away but has recently been better.

          I love the Greek Corner's Special souvlaki which is tender marinated chunks of lamb, absolutely delicious every time. Their tzatizki is excellent. For apps go with the eggplant salad or falafel. Their grilled chicken is really good as well. I disliked the moussaka the one time I tasted it. This and Hana sushi are my 1-2 punch of north cambridge.

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          1. re: AaronInBoston

            The moussaka has more potato than eggplant, as I found out yesterday. Won't order it again. The avgolemon soup was excellent. My companion raved about her roast lamb sandwich and lentil soup. Weekday lunch special is soup and sandwich for $8.50 and free soup with specialties, such as moussaka.

            1. re: peregrine

              thx for that info. The Esperia Grill Moussaka is delicious but it has equal amounts of meat, eggplant and potatoes, with twice as much beschamel(top layer)and not enough tomato sauce (we get extra or i use mine at home). Someday i will get around to trying the moussaka from Delfina's in Cambridge.

          2. Thanks StriperGuy, on your recommendation I plan on trying this lamb sandwich in the next few days!