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Mar 21, 2012 10:32 AM

Looking for a good mix in Prague

Hello, I am traveling to Prague in April for my husband's 30th birthday. We are both adventurous eaters and appreciate local spots with authenticity. He loves ALL kinds of meat and fish except for pork.

I'd like to mix up our offerings with local, casual spots as well as some special occasion spots. For Friday night, I booked Acria in the Radisson Blu Hotel. On Sunday (his birthday) I booked dinner at Bellvue. Was looking for opinions on these as our "special" spots and was hoping I could get advice to fill in the blanks with the more local hangouts.....both for lunch and dinner!
We are staying at the Alchymist Grand Hotel.

Thank you!

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  1. By Acria you mean Alcron? If yes, that is a very very good fancy restaurant, probably the best in Prague. I've never liked Bellevue, IMHO it has great views but just average food. To me it seems overworked and too heavy. None of them are Czech, by the way.
    Instead, you might want to try Degustation on Saturday and do something simpler on Sunday, or try SaSaZu or Aureole for Asian cuisine. Or you might want to try Zatisi, which also has a very nice ambiance and has better cuisine than Bellevue.

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      2nd that emotion for Zatisi. I blew a whole week's per diem on a tasting menu there, and it was well worth it. Lovely room and my server (Daniel) was terrific.

    2. Your hotel has a pretty good restaurant too, although it's neither Czech nor casual.

      1. Dear cat9580,

        previous replies are correct. Missing from the recommendations though is one top place - Sansho.


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          Sansho is closed on Sunday and on Monday. I would recommend sticking to Alcron on Friday because it is one of the best places in town. Sansho has a bigger tasting menu for dinner, you need to be hungry for that. If you go, don't order wine there - the wine list is too expensive and not at all good, have some cocktails - they are really full of imagination and very well mixed.