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Mar 21, 2012 10:22 AM

bbq ranch in california

A few year's back I saw a show where the host traveled to a working ranch somewhere in Central (coastal) California. If my memory serves me, the ranch had been in the same family for generations. Anyway, he was served great steaks and bbq. I was wondering if anyone nows where this place is and the show it was featured on? Is the ranch open to the public for dining?


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  1. Not sure if this is the answer, but Harris Beef Ranch comes to mind.

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      1. re: dave_c

        I think it's Harris Ranch, too, and we eat there regularly because it's conveniently located between here and LA, but I'm not sure that the steaks and bbq (or anything else) are all that "great."

        1. re: Claudette

          I don't think of the Harris Ranch as coastal, but who knows?

      2. The Hitching Post in Casmalia?

        1. No working ranch serving dinners as far as I know on the Central Coast.

          Could it be Hearst Ranch Beef that you heard of (Hearst as in Hearst Castle in San Simeon)? They do infrequent fund raisers for local non-profits at the private ranch including a hosted bbq dinner. The ranch has ben in the Hearst family ( of the publishing empire) since the late 1880's.

          There is a working ranch northeast of Psso Robles that works sort of like a dude ranch operation, and of course, that would mean you eat beef. Google ' Paso Robles dude ranch' or 'Paso ranch vacations' to find more info.

          Gosh, dredging the memory depths on this one, but was the show hosted by a young woman Corey, and a hunky young man? I think I remember it; it was produced by Edelman Productions out of SF. Back in the early days, late 90's, of Food TV. The female host of the ranch segment also hosted 'Ultimate Kitchens'.

          1. Pretty sure TJ nailed this one as being Hearst San Simeon Ranch, I saw a rerun of it not too long ago. It was a part of the California Gold series by Huell Howser and he was shown the whole operation by the ranch manager Cliff, iirc. It was very interesting.

            There's a link to it in the left margin on their website: