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Mar 21, 2012 08:25 AM

Where can I buy COCO RICO soda?

I am looking to use it in a Vietnamese braised pork belly recipe but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Well, I've only looked in the Chinatown supermarkets. Don't want to venture out to Flushing or Sunset Park unless I know it's definitely there.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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  1. Any large bodega in almost any Latino neighborhood will have cans or bottles of what's been a staple drink for many years.

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      1. re: churama

        Well, I thought I was. Go to any bodega or Latino grocery on the Lower East Side or East Harlem or the East Village, or Sunset Park or Southside Williamsburg and chances are you'll see Coco Rico for sale.

        1. re: bob96

          Thank you for clarifying the location of these neighborhoods. You are too kind!

          1. re: churama

            If Coco Rico isn't specifically available, you could use any comparable brand of what's often called "cola-champan"; Antarctica and Colachampagne (sp?) are among the many other brands of this Latin/West Indian staple... You shouldn't have to travel too far.

            (Look for the artificially bubble-gum colored stuff!)

            1. re: BrettLove

              All Latin sodas are not the same. Coco Rico has the taste of well, COCO! This is a specific flavor that the OP requires for a recipe.

              Those you suggested are not coconut. Carbonated bubblegum flavoring may not fit into a pork belly recipe calling for coconut. Then again - what do i know? Never cooked with either.

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