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Mar 21, 2012 08:19 AM

Castelluccio or le puy lentils

Any suggestions on the best place to get these?

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  1. I bought French Green lentils at South End Formagio this past week, but they do not specify nor seem to be of the same high quality as those from Le Puy. They were acceptable however. They also had beluga lentils.

    1. I've been wondering recently myself where to pick up some AOC Le Puy lentils. I thought I remember one thread mentioning a shop in the north end that had a huge selection of dried beans but I've never been. I also wonder if a place like Cardullo's in Harvard Square might.

      Speaking of this, does anywhere in Boston sell Rancho Gordo beans?

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      1. re: Klunco

        Formaggio Kitchen carries Rancho Gordo. I really thought they had AOC Le Puy lentils, but maybe not anymore (I usually go to the Huron Village location). I'd also check Saveneur's and Christina's.

        1. re: emannths

          I'm fairly certain that I've purchased AOC Le Puy lentils at Formaggio (Camrbidge) in the past. (For a cheaper alternative, I recommend Pardinas lentils, which can be ordered from the La Tienda web site.) I order my Rancho Gordo beans directly from Rancho Gordo as Formaggio seems to have s slight mark-up and doesn't always have what I'm looking for.

          1. re: johndory

            I too order directly from Rancho Gordo...Formaggio has a huge mark up price. Christina's has some of these lentils.

            1. re: emannths

              Savenor's carries imported French lentils, but according to the website they're "Eric Bur Lentilles vertes du Berry," so not from Puy. I recall them being very good, though.

              As for Rancho Gordo beans, the markup at FK is horrific. Rancho Gordo ships flat rate for $12, so if you buy 3-4 pounds you're saving money. Alternately, Baer's Beans are local and quite tasty.

          2. You can get le puy lentils at Whole Foods, Alewife.