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Mar 21, 2012 08:11 AM

Great news re: old Police station!/T_R0Y/status/1...

I've often wondered just how we, as a community, would mitigate those awful lines at Fashion Valley.

FINALLY someplace to send the overflow.

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  1. hahah I figured the Fashion Valley lines were the overflow from the Gaslamp!

    1. Oh **** me.

      Why couldn't it be a Yakyudori offspring moving into a place that held more than 16 customers at a time?

      1. You got me. I quickly opened the thread hoping to at least see something about Pizza Mozza or similar. Given the location near two huge hotels, the lines will be out the door. So sad.

        1. Just a two trolley trip to get from one to the other - cool beans.

          Old Spaghetti Factory might be in trouble again.

          1. I wonder if the CF wil kill off some of those c***tastic places already in seaport village. On the bright side, I might now be able to get into the oyster bar at the fish market in the summertime

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            1. re: littlestevie

              I had the same thought, littlestevie. CF might be a useful magnet to slightly ease up the crowds at some of the decent, err...., acceptable places in the area, and at the same time put some of the less than average places out of their misery. Perhaps, just perhaps, this might encourage newer places to compete on the interesting front rather than the "please the masses" front.

              Or not.