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Mar 21, 2012 08:10 AM


Venturing out of Manhattan and looking for a fun/relaxed place for dinner on a Friday night in Williamsburg - preferably somewhere that can take reservations.

1 vegetarian, 1 pesce-tarian in the group, any type of cuisine is okay.

I was looking into Isa but the menu might be too limited for us given the food restrictions.

Any help is appreciated!

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  1. Gwynneyt St., Dressler, DuMont, and 1 or 8 would be your best bets I think... all take rezzies via opentable, all have veggie options (though at Dressler for main courses the vegetarian might have to ask them to make an entree-size version of an app (which I'm sure they'd do) or just combine a couple apps together to make an entree. At DuMont they'd likely be limited to the "pasta of the day" or something. But then I suppose at any restaurant there's usually, at most, only one veggie entree - if they even have one.

    149 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211

    432 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

    1 or 8
    66 S 2nd St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

    Gwynnett St.
    312 Graham Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

    1. Caracas arepa bar's brooklyn location takes reservations and offers some pretty awesome veggie friendly options (if i didnt love the chicken/cado one so much id even dare say they are some of the best options).

      1. I second the recommendation of Gwynnett St. and would also recommend Cadaques (tapas, but the portions are large) and Fiore, both on Grand St.

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          Consider Bellwether. Brand new, so won't be packed YET - but it's great. In fact, I'd easily put it up there with BK's best (Dressler, Rye, etc.)

          They have the former chef of Pillar and Plough, which was a terribly conceived place that closed after just a month (in the basement of the Williamsburg Hotel, go figure) but the food was outrageously good and I was happy to follow him here.

          It's definitely better for the Pesce-tarian with dishes like seared oysters in coffee and poblano chiles or the lighly smoked salmon (also has a great, varied raw bar and lots of seafood stuff), but the Vegetarian I ate there with loved the baby artichokes and the Toasted Grains as a main dish.

          Me? I went all in and had the Tripe Mole and the hangar steak roasted in Bone Marrow :) Yum.

          The decor is lovely and the music is fun - unless you go late, when it gets loud and seems to turn into a bit of a party (I was also there on a Friday).

        2. Dont go to Aurora, pasta was right from the grocery store, and the shellfish gnocchi my girlfrind had was unedible, its like they cooked the clams a week ago and threw them in old disentagrating gnocchi..Their food is about as good as my grammer. Baci-northern italin-big selection good food at a fair price.. rye restaurant had some quality food as well.

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            Allow me to dissent on Aurora. I've been going there for years and never had an experience resembling the one described above; have had many very good meals there and enjoyed the laid back vibe and Italian staff. Not fussy or fancy, but affordable, good, solid, tasty. The steaks are good, too!

          2. I must disagree about Dressler. Based on good reviews from this board, I ventured there for an early Friday dinner. Made reservations. I was served the cocktail I ordered, but then my waitress completely ignored me as she waited on the table next to me, brought bread to that table, etc. She approached my table once to ask if I wanted a second cocktail, but spent most of her time loitering around with the bored wait staff. I paid for the cocktail and left.

            While strolling around Williamsburg, I happened upon a fabulous tapas bar and restaurant, Cadaques Tapas Bar. Had an amazing tomato tasting menu. Service and food get a thumbs up.