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Mar 21, 2012 07:53 AM

Singapore Food Blogs

Hi All...I've been using a lot in planning my itinerary. I like the site because they include tons of photos and rate all of the dishes. My question is, do you find the ratings to be a good representation of the general public's opinion? Thanks!

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      I have been cross referencing some of the places with reviews posted here as well. Your input as well as fourseasons has been invaluable. I should actually thank fourseasons since I've read and used a lot of his inputs for all over Asia in the past.

    2. I prefer Makansutra, mainly bercause of the large number of 'makankakis' or eating companions whom KF Seetoh has to eat and collect data on makan places in Singapore. Due to the large number of people involved, and the information which they collected based on 'what's hot in the Singapore dining scene', their recommendations are usualy not far off the mark. But you must buy the latest copy of Makansutra from the bookshops when you are in Singapore. I've not seen the 2012 edition yet. The one on display in Books Kinokuniya which I saw today is the 2011 edition, but quite up to date.

      I used to read Chubby Hubby (or Aun Koh, son of Singapore's roving ambassador/diplomat, Prof. Tommy Koh) but he's stopped his blog after starting a family last year.

      IeatIshootIspot by Dr Leslie Tay and his group of friends is an admirable piece of work to compile and catalogue their eating experiences. But very often, the ratings are Dr Tay's own, and I for one do not share his tastes or preferences. Often, he may rate a not so good place as fantastic, then issue an apology later, saying he's mistaken. So, I usually take his recs with a (big) pinch of salt. Dr Tay also has a knack for gushing all over a new place which he liked, thereby causing us to heighten our expectations unrealistically.

      For reliability on Singapore's hawker food, I still go for Makansutra.

      1. I liked Dr Leslie Tay's book "The End of Char Kway Teow and Other Hawker Mysteries" (Published by Epigram, 2010) as I liked to read the history behind each of the hawker stalls, their stories, etc. His book contained some of those, plus interesting nuggets on Singapore hawker food history.

        My other treasured food guide was "Foodstops" by Margaret Chan (Published by Landmark Books, 1992). I remembered that it was exclusively sold only in Shell service stations & copies of it were snapped up overnight. I was working at the Singapore Broadcasting Corporation in Caldecott Hill in those days, trekked all over the city looking for a copy, and finally found one at the Shell service station in Tanjung Pagar. The book contained rare photos and historical details of Shashlik's original crew; Ujagar Singh Gill's famous eatery at St Gregory's Place, and on Eurasian eateries in Singapore.

        Back to your OP, shake N baik, I personally don't use ieatishootipost as a guide, as the good doctor & I don't have the same tastes ;-)

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          I miss Margaret Chan's food reviews in the newspapers :(