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Mar 21, 2012 07:20 AM

*PATIO* season! --pleasant Coffeeshops/Cafes with such?

With our oddly warm weather and the recent rain, leaves are going to be popping out fast and I want to enjoy the outdoors.

I reviewed this thread, though it's getting a bit aged and am not certain how up-to-date the info is -- "Best outdoor patios in Twin Cities"

I'm looking for 2 things, mainly:

1. Pleasant atmosphere. Doesn't need to be fancy. Neither do I want to be sucking car exhaust or surrounded by only concrete. A _little_ bit of nature would be welcome (planters and borrowed landscapes are fine).

2. Casual spot where I can just visit with my friends, and order an iced tea without feeling guilty/pressured into ordering food or alcohol.

Bonus points for spots located in Mpls.

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  1. These two places came up in my searches...any comments/reviews?

    Sebastian Joe's, 4321 Upton Avenue South
    Muddy Waters, 2933 Lyndale Avenue South

    SJ talks about their patio on their website, but MW doesn't, so I'm not sure they even have one...

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      Had my first ice cream (actually sorbet) of the season last Friday at the Linden Hills Sebastion Joe's. They have both covered and open outdoor spaces that are nice, but very busy.

      I also enjoy sitting outside at both Barbette and Lucia's. Neither has a separate patio, but both are enjoyable despite being on the sidewalk. Barbette has planters and colored lights at night. I'll add a caveat about sitting at Lucia's without ordering food or alcohol. I don't know whether or not that would be a problem - I think less so these days if you sat outside of the bakery. Barbette would probably be fine before the evening for non-alcoholic drinks only. They might give you the evil eye if you were taking up a table on a Saturday evening and only ordered a couple of iced teas.

      Crema would be perfect as well.

      Kings Wine Bar has outdoor sidewalk seating. You might consider it if you were in the neighborhood.

    2. Sea Salt Eatery. :) Not a cafe or coffeeshop, but definitely laid back and casual.


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      1. re: The Dairy Queen

        In Minnehaha Park, right? That is a good suggestion, thanks!

      2. The Shorewood Bar and Grill (just north of 694 on Central) has a nice relaxed patio (nice menu too)
        Sunset's in Wayzata isn't too bad (right on the lake).
        Not sure if it's open yet, but the coffee shop out at the Arboretum (in Chan) has a nice outdoor patio setup as well.

        1. Just found an article that has some additional ideas, search on: Restaurant patio picks: the Pioneer Press' favorites. There's a reader's version also. Lots of places to choose from!

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          1. Aster Cafe on St. Anthony Main. Parking is a pain (easy on a bike, though...), but well worth it. The patio has kind of a European public square vibe, nice small plates and a good tea selection.