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Mar 20, 2012 08:46 PM

I need your creative ideas for hot dogs!

As a general rule, I'm not that into hot dogs. However, for some reason, my heart skips a beat for my hometown's local brand (Sahlen's--I'm a native Buffalonian) and I eat them in profusion every time I visit my parents. Every time I leave, my mom sends me home with a package of them. Thing is, they're much better on the grill (which I do not have regular access too) than they are just fried in a pan so, as a result, I have quite a few hot dogs building up in my freezer and I'm trying to find ways to use them up. Tonight I made a mean hot dog fried rice (and I could definitely see myself making it again) but I've still got a lot more hot dogs than ideas! Help me out, chowhounds!

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  1. Filipino-style Hot Dog Spaghetti. Jollibee is a fast food chain of Filipino foods.

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      My version of hot dog spaghetti (pre-sauce). Pasta and hotdogs (in this case, mini chicken sausages cut in half) are cooked together, then topped with your homemade or favorite jarred sauce.

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        LOL. I was just watching Big Bang Theory yesterday and they had a whole episode dedicated to Spaghetti with hot dogs. According to Sheldon's mom, its a real I-talian treat.

      2. Love a hot dog taco with leafy sprouts. Either flour or corn tortillas. Even better with June Meyer's Hungarian cucumber relish atop:

        1. Make a great split pea or lentil soup and slice one of the little devils (hot) into each serving. Slice them thinly and use them as a layer in a potato/cabbage or noodle/cabbage casserole. Do you like corndogs? You could easily make those. Grind them and combine w/ minced water chestnuts, diced celery, minced ginger, a dash of soy, maybe a spot of mirin, and some finely-shredded cabbage, and use as a filling for wontons, either fried or in soup, or potstickers.

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            Ooh, I like the potstickers idea! The cabbage and noodles would be really good too--and they're German-style hotdogs, so even better.

          2. Next time you have guests over, slice them into quarters and wrap each in a piece of puff pastry painted with a little grainy mustard for "high-end" pigs in a blanket. Serve with a favorite dipping sauce.

            1. Franks and beans. I love them fried up with scrambled eggs.