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Light Dessert Ideas for Ladies' Dinner??

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Having a friend over tomorrow for dinner in Philadelphia. Neither of us is a big eater and the weather is predicted to be hot, so I'll be serving a light menu:

French Potato Salad (I have some yummy organic red potatoes on hand)
Mediterranean Lentil Salad (has carrots and red onion as well as parsley)

And a dessert. I do have some lovely clementines. Any thoughts on what to do to finish off the meal?

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  1. your lunch is very starchy, so i'd go super-light on the last course. cut the clementines and serve with some other fresh berries and either sorbet or nuts you've sweetened and roasted. almond or pignoli cookies might be nice too.

    1. Make a small Pavlova with curd made from the Clementines, or lemon curd. Beautiful berries, kiwi and fruit atop.

      1. clementine sherbet.

        panna cotta.