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Food Truck Season

Starting April 1, there's a new schedule for food trucks in the Boston area.

City Hall Plaza:
Breakfast/lunch 7 a.m.-3 p.m., lunch/dinner 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Monday: breakfast/lunch Go Fish; lunch/dinner Go Fish, Anthony's Catering, the Dining Car
Tuesday: lunch/dinner Savory Food Truck, the Froyo Truck, M&M Ribs
Wednesday: breakfast/lunch the Chubby Chickpea; lunch/dinner Staff Meal, Boston Speed Dog
Thursday: breakfast/lunch Bon Me, Paris Creperie; lunch/dinner Staff Meal
Friday: breakfast/lunch Clover Food Lab; lunch/dinner Grilled Cheese Nation, Lobsta Love

Financial District (Milk and Kilby):
Breakfast 6-10 a.m., lunch 10 a.m.-3 p.m., dinner 3-11 p.m.
Monday: lunch Chubby Chickpea, Lobsta Love; dinner Lobsta Love
Tuesday: lunch Cupcakory, Go Fish; dinner Kickass Cupcakes, Go Fish
Wednesday: lunch Roxy's Grilled Cheese, Momogoose; dinner Froyo, M&M
Thursday: lunch Momogoose, Redbones; dinner Cupcakory, Boston Speed Dog
Friday: lunch Bon Me, Kickass Cupcakes; dinner Froyo, Cupcakory

Chinatown (Boylston in front of China Trade Building):
Breakfast 6-10 a.m., lunch 10 a.m.-3 p.m., dinner 3-11 p.m.
Monday: breakfast and lunch Paris Creperie
Tuesday: breakfast and lunch Paris Creperie, dinner Boston Speed Dog
Wednesday: breakfast and lunch Paris Creperie
Thursday: lunch and dinner Anthony's Catering
Friday: lunch Go Fish

Boston Public Library:
Breakfast 6-10 a.m., lunch 10 a.m.-3 p.m., dinner 3-11 p.m.
Monday: lunch Froyo, dinner Boston Speed Dog
Tuesday: breakfast Clover, lunch Dining Car, dinner Frozen Hoagies
Wednesday: breakfast Clover, lunch Mei Mei Street Kitchen, dinner BBQ Smith
Thursday: breakfast Clover, lunch BBQ Smith, dinner Frozen Hoagies
Friday: breakfast Paris Creperie, lunch Roxy's Grilled Cheese, dinner Kickass Cupcakes
Saturday: lunch Clover, dinner Kickass Cupcakes
Sunday: lunch the Chicken & Rice Guys, dinner Kickass Cupcakes

Back Bay (Clarendon between Newbury and Boylston):
Breakfast 6-10 a.m., lunch 10 a.m.-3 p.m., dinner 3-11 p.m.
Monday: lunch Momogoose, dinner Froyo
Tuesday: lunch and dinner Grilled Cheese Nation
Wednesday: lunch Redbones, dinner the Cupcakory
Thursday: breakfast Cookie Monstah, lunch Savory Food Truck, dinner Lobsta Love
Friday: lunch Cupcakory, dinner Mei Mei
Saturday: lunch Froyo, dinner Bon Me
Sunday: lunch and dinner Bon Me

Back Bay (Trinity Place on Stuart Street):
Breakfast 6-10 a.m., lunch 10 a.m.-3 p.m., dinner 3-11 p.m.
Monday: lunch Staff Meal, Mei Mei, Redbones; dinner Mei Mei
Tuesday: lunch Staff Meal, Mei Mei, Chubby Chickpea; dinner Mei Mei
Wednesday: lunch Cupcakory, Grilled Cheese Nation, Go Fish; dinner Lobsta Love, Mei Mei
Thursday: lunch Chubby Chickpea, Dining Car, Roxy's Grilled Cheese; dinner Mei Mei, Grilled Cheese Nation
Friday: lunch Chubby Chickpea, Redbones, Staff Meal; dinner Cookie Monstah
Saturday: lunch Chicken & Rice, Bon Me; dinner Chicken & Rice

Prudential (Belvidere Street adjacent to the Christian Science Center’s
Children’s Fountain):
Breakfast 6-10 a.m., lunch 10 a.m.-3 p.m., dinner 3-11 p.m.
Monday: lunch Bon Me, dinner Kickass Cupcakes
Tuesday: lunch Bon Me, dinner Kickass Cupcakes
Wednesday: lunch Bon Me, dinner Kickass Cupcakes
Thursday: lunch Go Fish
Friday: lunch Chubby Chickpea
Saturday: lunch Kickass Cupcakes
Sunday: lunch Kickass Cupcakes

Fenway (Hemenway and Forsyth):
Breakfast 6-10 a.m., lunch 10 a.m.-3 p.m., dinner 3-9 p.m.
Wednesday: dinner Frozen Hoagies
Friday: lunch Mei Mei, dinner Boston Speed Dog

South End (Harrison and East Concord):
Breakfast 6-10 a.m., lunch 10 a.m.-3 p.m., dinner 3-9 p.m.
Monday: lunch Savory Food Truck
Tuesday: lunch Savory Food Truck
Wednesday: lunch Savory Food Truck

South End (Tremont and Berkeley):
Breakfast 6-10 a.m., lunch 10 a.m.-3 p.m., dinner 3-9 p.m.
Tuesday: lunch Momogoose
Wednesday: lunch M&M, dinner Redbones
Thursday: lunch Savory Food Truck
Friday: lunch Savory Food Truck, dinner BBQ Smith

West End (Blossom and Emerson Place):
Breakfast 6-10 a.m., lunch 10 a.m.-3 p.m., dinner 3-9 p.m.
Monday: lunch Savory Food Truck
Tuesday: lunch Redbones
Wednesday: lunch Savory Food Truck, dinner Grilled Cheese Nation
Thursday: lunch Lobsta Love, dinner Redbones
Friday: lunch Savory Food Truck

BU East (Comm. Ave. in front of the Morse Auditorium):
Breakfast 6-10 a.m., lunch 10 a.m.-3 p.m., dinner 3-11 p.m.
Monday: breakfast and lunch Clover, dinner Frozen Hoagies
Tuesday: breakfast and lunch Clover, dinner Bon Me
Wednesday: lunch Dining Car; dinner Bon Me
Thursday: lunch Mei Mei, dinner Bon Me
Friday: lunch Dining Car, dinner Frozen Hoagies
Saturday: lunch and dinner Mei Mei

BU West (Comm. Ave. by the BU Bridge):
Breakfast 6-10 a.m., lunch 10 a.m.-3 p.m., dinner 3-11 p.m.
Wednesday: all day Clover
Thursday: all day Clover
Friday: breakfast and lunch Clover, dinner Roxy's Grilled Cheese
Saturday: dinner Roxy's Grilled Cheese

Cleveland Circle (Cassidy Park parking lot):
Breakfast 6-10 a.m., lunch 10 a.m.-3 p.m., dinner 3-11 p.m.
Monday: dinner Bon Me
Tuesday: dinner Clover
Wednesday: lunch Clover, dinner Roxy's Grilled Cheese
Thursday: dinner Roxy's Grilled Cheese
Friday: dinner Clover
Saturday: lunch Roxy's Grilled Cheese, dinner Clover
Sunday: lunch Mei Mei, dinner Chicken & Rice

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  1. Thanks for posting and supporting the food trucks. I'm a big fan of most of these trucks and can't wait to try the new ones. It will be good to see a cluster at Stuart Street and another pair in the financial district.

    And, I'm going to have to set a monthly Speed Dog limit now that I can walk to the truck or run into it on my daily errands. We should fill those stone benches in front of the library with hounds on his first day there.


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    1. re: BostonZest

      Yeah, I'm looking at the city hall/west end list and thinking it's a good thing I don't work right there any more.

    2. Brookline is piloting a few clusters of food trucks, too, but residents' objections will keep them out of Coolidge Corner: http://www.boston.com/yourtown/news/b...


        1. FYI, Staff Meal is already hanging out several days a week at the Trinity Place spot, and mostly doing tacos during the day. Had some great truck tacos the other day: crab stick with scallion cream cheese, wontons and apple butter; truck-made chorizo with lime crema, radish and lettuce; corned beef with pickled cabbage slaw and chips (on the taco). Hefty and tasty; probably should have stuck to two. $3.50 to $4 a pop, a good value.


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          1. re: MC Slim JB

            I went to Staff Meal for the first time today. They're in the Chinatown Park. Pretty small line compared to Dewey Square with Clover, Momogoose and Bon Me (Clover & Bon Me must have had 40+ people). I got the the corned beef and the chorizo. As Slim says, they were hefty and tasty.

            1. re: mkfisher

              Lines can be very deceiving, at least in my experience. Bon Me's line can be 20+ people deep, and I'm still out of there in under 10 minutes easily. Tried Staff a week or two ago for the first time, and with a line of <10 people, it still took 25+ minutes from getting in line to getting my food(!).

              Food was good, but is that typical of Staff Meal?

              1. re: chevrelove

                I was in the Bon Me line today, and I can assure you I wasn't out of there in under 10 minutes. It was more like 25 minutes total.

                1. re: mkfisher

                  It has been a while since I worked in the city hall area but my experience was that Bon Me took waaaay toooo looong. I can forgive a "white person bon mi", and I can forgive the higher cost. I can't forgive the fact that I can go to chinatown where they're churning them out at a rate of 1 per second and it takes 2 mins per in that truck.

            2. re: MC Slim JB

              That whole part of the block on Stuart St has been closed off because they ripped the street up after the power outage ...

            3. Not sure how it all works, but would think that a Clover truck for the breakfast shift in the Financial district would do bang-up business - from me!

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              1. re: Bob Dobalina

                Doesn't Clover set up shop in Dewey Square for breakfast? I see them there almost every morning on the way to my office. Dewey Square isn't more than a 5-8 minute walk from almost anywhere in the Financial District and in many cases is much closer.

                1. re: Gordough

                  I think you're right - I was commenting on the listed locations, which have designated breakfast spots that are for the most part unfilled (except for the Paris Creperie truck in Chinatown, which I would think is the less likely place to do good business at that time of day).

                  And rushing in to work, a 15 walk + the inevitable 5-10 minute wait with the Clover system is too long. :)

              2. So today at 12 noon I went up to the Trinity place spot, Clarendon/Boylston spot, and the Public Library spot. The only truck at any of those locations was Roxy's at the BPL. I had the mighty rib, but was disappointed that none of the other trucks were at the advertised locations. Hopefully I can chase down Staff Meal sometime in the future.

                Anyone else find that they are generally hit and miss with locations?

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                1. re: FlyChow

                  Staff was at the chinatown gate today. I was walking around this morning and didn't see that many around, maybe they are taking a break until 4/1

                2. Hit up Chubby Chickpea (FD) on Tuesday - enormous wrap sandwich of falafel and grilled/roasted eggplant, cucumber/tomato salsa, tahini sauce - $8.50 iirc - very good. Certainly on par in terms of size/flavor with Falafel King - maybe a bit bigger - addition of the eggplant made it special. Grilled, smoky, gooey goodness. The wrap itself was a wee bit gummy, truth be told, esp. at the end when all you got was lots of folds, but that is merely a quibble. Falafels were a tad greasier than normal, but some may appreciate that they are not dried out hockey pucks, others may see grease. Your call.

                  The Lobsta Love was doing bang-up business - Lobster shooters were generous, well-liked and well-priced. There was a wee bit of sticker shock on the lobster rolls, but good flavor from the word of other compatriots - just wished there was more for the $.

                  Today, hit up Momogoose - their stuff is not mindblowingly good - e.g., broccoli in the noodle bowl is steamed perfectly but icy cool, not much sauce overall, no-pre-mixing, at-times odd assortment of veggies -

                  However, had their tofu and really enjoyed it a lot - firm, firm, grilled (can see the char marks) and decent flavor with the Korean BBQ sauce. (I threw in a packet of their spicy ketchup too)

                  Squeaky like cheese curds - substantial - yummy - and for $5, a best buy from them.

                  Also, seems that they have taken a cue from Bon Me and really streamlined their menu - much more straightforward.

                  1. They're on schedule @ Clarendon and Boylston, right outside my window.

                    Went to Momogoose on Monday and they were totally out of bahn mi at 12:30.

                    I'd love to get Grilled Cheese nation out of that roatation, though.

                    1. I just went over to City Hall Plaza hoping to get a Speed Dog and the truck wasn't there! Then I checked down the street at Kilby and Oliver thinking maybe he got confused which spot was his on Wednesdays and nothing there either. Does anyone know if Speed Dog will ever be around? I am super bummed!

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                      1. re: julieapfel

                        He tweeted the other day that they were waiting for the new truck.

                        1. re: jgg13

                          ahh, thanks! I should get on the twitter so i know when he'll be up and running

                          1. re: julieapfel

                            He posted a little after I said that saying he was at the airport waiting on the new truck, so it should be soon :)

                            1. re: jgg13

                              Is this a new truck or a replacement? I know he is/was looking for investors for a second truck.

                              1. re: viperlush

                                I thought it was the 2nd truck, but I might be wrong.

                            2. re: julieapfel

                              Also so you know his hours and location.

                        2. Saw Redbones and Momogoose today with pretty good lines. They were in Whalen Sq. For those that don't know where that is ( I didn't) it's between Liberty Sq and Milk St.

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                          1. re: 9lives

                            We're tring to hit as many of the carts as we can in our office - guss I may need to buy a new summer wardrobe! I made the trip up to City Hall on Wednesday for Speed but Speed wasn't there (better luck next week!). I went by Milk & Kilby & Roxy's was there so that was my "Plan B". Got the rib w/fontina & carmelized onions - VERY good. Split it with a couple of people in the office, which was good because by the time they got there (about 12:30), they were out of that & the reuben. I'll have to try the lamb poutine the next time.
                            We hit the Redbones truck on Thursday early (I think we were their first customers) & I have to say their ribs were even better at the truck than they were at the restaurant. VERY moist & flavorful, but not a lot of smoke. Wasn't happy they didn't have corn pudding but they said if I call ahead of time, they would bring some next time. VERY nice guys at the cart - it's nice when people care about the product & actually listen to the feedback you give them. I went for the 6 rib & 2 sides ($16) - got the mac & cheese (VERY creamy but not too heavy, with a really good cheese taste) & the potato salad (which was kinda more mased than chunks, but still really tasty).
                            Tried Lobsta Love on Friday & did the 2fer rolls on Iggys parmesan "breadsticks" ($17). Had 1 of each type of lobster salad (traditional w/mayo & Asian w/soy (?), rice wine vinegar,ginger & siracha) & liked them both. The roll was a bit much for the lobster salad, so I ate it on the side (I was in the mood for Iggys bread so it was good for me). They toasted them too so it gave a good flavor to the bread. The traditional lobster salad had celery but there was only 3 pieces of it in my roll so it was easy to take out, The Asian lobster salad was also very good but lite on the siracha, which I think is good because it could have easily overpowered the lobster. They had "shooters" of clam chowder & lobster bisque for $1 w/purchase & I went for the bisque. Very tasty - no big chunks of lobster but enough "shredded" lobster that you kinda had to chew every sip.
                            Momogoose is already in my "regular" rotation - I like their pho & also their lemongrass pork (lemongrass chicken isn't as good).

                          2. I went to Staff Meal today, and no line to speak of (it was kind of freaking cold though), got a chorizo taco and a chinese sausage taco, and thought both were fabulous. At first I thought the price was too high, but after eating them my opinion changed, these were some really great tacos, can't wait to go back

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                            1. re: devilham

                              Yesterday I tried Anthony's food truck, seemed to focus on fried soul food, but it was sadly not that good. Limp soggy french fries (as if the fryer were not up to the task), and the cole slaw leaked mayo juice all over everything....not cool.

                            2. TravelZoo Boston is offering a discount to food truck festivals.

                              1. There's also the Food Trucks that come to SoWa, the Sunday Farmer's market in the South End. This winter they started a Winter Farmers Market, which wasn't too shabby, and had the occasional Food Trucks (but located a few minutes walk from the Winter Farmers Market building). However, when the 'Summer' SoWa starts, I would assume, like last year, they'll have a few trucks, but not yet sure which ones they'll be as it appears that food truck vendors need to apply each year in order to be able to park at the event.

                                1. I tried Go Fish yesterday and was pretty pleased. I got the grilled miso salmon wrap and a side of fries. Everything came to about $11. The wrap was one of those wraps you see around fresh rolls at Thai places - so it was kinda clear. It was interesting and made the wrap a little difficult to eat but it was offered as a "healthy" option and I definitely enjoyed it. I will definitely be going back to try some other options. Lots of people seemed to be ordering the crab melt, so I'll give that a try and the other fish sandwiches too. The fries were amazing. The only downside was that it seemed like kind of a long wait for the food to be ready but everything is made fresh to order and I'm just happy to have a nice fresh fish option for lunch that isn't expensive.

                                  Today I'm going to give Speeds another try - can anyone confirm that his truck is up and running?

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                                    1. re: julieapfel

                                      He wasn't in City Hall Plaza today..:(

                                      1. re: julieapfel

                                        I was zero for 3 trying to get lunch at a food truck today. No speeds, they were out of the sandwich i had in mind for a back up at roxy's, and they were out of most of the meat next door at momogoose. Major bummer

                                        1. re: julieapfel

                                          Consider the tofu at momo next time - I think it's pretty tasty....for tofu...

                                          1. re: julieapfel

                                            They definitely haven't been reliable or they are all busier than they anticipated. Am hitting the same area (Gov Center/Financial District). Finally tried Chubby Chickpea today and can't say I'll be adding it to the rotation. Tried a falafel plate (as they ran out of bread for sandwiches) and while the falafel were fine, the sides were all only ok. Hummus was way over garlicky, the veggies in the Israeli where blah, and the taboule was really weird - I swear it was actually cous-cous with parsley/etc in it. Has anyone else tried it? Will stick to Falafel King for a fix. Still interested in the crab sandwich at Go Fish and whatever Clover has to offer!

                                            1. re: Angel Food

                                              I thought about hitting that truck to supplement my Staff Meal tacos, but got the chicken skin instead (the girl behind me got tacos and then falafal, kind of wish I had). The skin is ok, but would be better fresh out of the fryer, and it's alot of skin to eat in one sitting (I couldn't finish it! And I LOVE skin). Thought the guac was lacking too (more lime please!!!)

                                            2. re: julieapfel

                                              I had a similar issue at Roxy's - the line was just to dismally long, so I hoofed it to Cafe Latino for pastelon (plantain lasagna) which was awesome as always. Definitely more than stood in for the short rib fontina sandwich. I probably finished by teh time I would have gotten the sandwich.

                                              Next Wednesday I'm going to try to hit Roxy's earlier to see if that makes a difference.

                                              1. re: nsenada

                                                Nsenada, I'm usually at the Roxy's truck @ Milk & Kilby about 11AM, just before the lines start. I've had the might rib for the past 2 weeks so I'm gonna give the truffles fries a try next week.
                                                FroYo guy is at Milk & Kilby tomorrow afternoon so if the weather is good, I'll be there about 3. The "vanilla" has the tart yogurt taste, while the chocolate (my favorite) tastes more like a lighter, creamy ice cream. They are also going to be making liege waffles at the truck too in the future (once they get the electrical situation resolved).

                                                1. re: southie_chick

                                                  Thanks for the tip - will have to get there earlier.

                                                  1. re: nsenada

                                                    My strategy is to always hit these trucks early if going, as the lines do get too slow the later you go, and if you go after lunch rush, they tend to be out of food!

                                            3. re: julieapfel

                                              I haven't tried it, but the Go Fish web site indicates you can order online

                                            4. Both times I've had chicken soup at Momogoose the chicken was dry and rubbery and basically inedible. The rest of the soup was good if uneventful.

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                                              1. re: C. Hamster

                                                anyone been to the paris creperie truck yet? The 1 yelp review said it took forever but was really good, which is the same experience I had in the brookline brick and mortar location, so I guess it's not too surprising. But seriously, crepes take 1 minute in paris, why 40 in boston?

                                                1. re: julieapfel

                                                  Per Brookline TAB starting April 17
                                                  Paris Creperie – Saturday 6 a.m. to 10 a.m., near 1622 Beacon Street.
                                                  Sunday 6 a.m. to 3 p.m., and Monday to Friday 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. near 11 St. Mary's Street

                                                  I think it's St. Mary's and Comm ave.

                                              2. M&M ribs are at City Hall plaza on Tuesdays. Went today and had the ribs and brisket. Quite good, I haven't had there barbecue in some time. Not super smoky or barky, but the meats are done perfectly. Brisket is the shredded variety, and very moist.

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                                                1. re: nsenada

                                                  Forgot M&M was there - I've been hitting up Redbones on Milk & Kilby on Thursdays & I think the ribs are better from the truck than from the restaurant (altho there's no corn pudding on the truck). I'll be at Roxy's at 11 tomorrow - they've been sooooooo busy they're selling out of a LOT of stuff so I get to Milk & Kilby early. I usually get the mighty rib (shortrib/fontina/carmelized onion), & had the chorizo & cheese fries last week - YUM!

                                                  1. re: nsenada

                                                    Went here today. Loved the beans...bacon in them.

                                                    Ribs and brisket were good, although neither one seems to be smoked. I saw no smoke rings and didn't get that smoky flavor. It was tasty though.

                                                    1. re: rizzo0904

                                                      That's because they're not smoked :)

                                                  2. New user friendly link with filters for Food Truck Name, Day, Time, etc.


                                                    1. Has anyone tried the BBQ Smith truck yet? They've been parked at Dewey Square the last couple of Fridays (and today too). I had the BBQ pork sandwich - it made for a lovely picture - but the actual sandwich was pretty bad. No smoke on the pork. Pretty bland sauce. Also, the meat hadn't been drained well so the bottom part of the roll was disgustingly soggy. I want to give them a second shot, but it'll be hard to justify when they're parked next to Bon Me which is consistently good.

                                                      1. I was a bit disappointed with a butter and sugar crepe at the Paris Creperie food truck this Saturday (Washington Sq., Brookline). I haven't eaten at the brick and mortar and therefore can't compare, but the crepe was dry and crispy at the edges and too dense in the middle. Not like any crepe I've had in Paris. Needless to say, my toddler thought it was pretty awesome that you could get a pancake from a truck.

                                                        2 Replies
                                                        1. re: johndory

                                                          Do they happen to make galettes? A crepe with a sausage would be a potentially great food truck item.

                                                          1. re: Bob Dobalina

                                                            They have some savory crepes but I don't recall seeing a reference to galettes on the menu and highly doubt that they're using anything other than one batter for all crepes.

                                                        2. A quick mention of the Dining Car in Gov't Center today - had the goat cheese, arugula, walnut and honey sandwich - at $8, rather high (but it's food (!) from a truck (!!), which makes it ok ;-)

                                                          Very good balance in the sandwich (lots of arugula that has been dressed, not too much goat cheese, just enough honey) and the French bread would make for the best banh mi - really made the sandwich worthwhile and altogether, it was quite good.

                                                          1. After an afternoon spent braving the denizens of Newton last Monday, I happened to drive by the Bon Me truck at Cleveland Ccircle. Nabbed a parking spot next door, found they took credit cards, ordered a Tofu and Mushroom Banh Mi. Just what the therapist ordered! A little more "comfort food" than the Vietnamese original, catering more to the American need for more protein, please, but the sauteed tofu and mushroom were nice and savory, had a kick even, altho they were out of Jalapenos.. Good heap of veggies, too, lovely flavor. I very proudly made it home with 3/4 of my sandwich intact to savor at my leisure...