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Mar 20, 2012 05:58 PM

Suggestions for dining in Red Wing, please! [Moved from Minneapolis-St. Paul Board]

A few friends and I will be staying in Red Wing for a few nights and are in need of some dining recommendations. We particularly love quirky places and are open to pretty much anything. We'll be eating breakfast at our B&B so are looking for lunch, dinner, and in between suggestions. Can you help? Thanks!

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  1. Hmmmm...quirky is kind of tough to find in Red Wing right now. If I can assume it's a gal's outing then The Smoky Row Cafe across the street from Pottery Place might fit your needs for's a bakery, too. Bev's, downtown for lunch might work for you as well. about the St. James? Jimmy's on top for cocktails, then downstairs for dinner. Rumor is that Sarah of now-closed Sarah's, nee Norton's, is cooking there now. 15 miles out of town, Shady Grove north of Ellsworth on 65 is good.

    1. Nosh Restaurant in Lake City is amazing! If you want to take a drive to Pepin, Wisconsin there is the Harbor View Cafe. And The Stone Barn in Nelson, WI has great pizza!