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Mar 20, 2012 05:28 PM

Cooking Healthy with All-Clad

Hi! I just took a big plunge and bought a bunch of All-Clad D5 at cookwareandmore when they were on sale. I bought a 10 and 12 inch fry-pan, 4 quart saute, and a 4 and 2 quart sauce pan. I am excited to use them to say the least, I have never had anything nice like this to cook with . I kind of understand the hot pan cold oil trick. I am confused on the use of salt in cooking and its effect on SS however. Mainly though I cant figure out one thing. Do you always have to use a oil to cook with SS? I am all about eating healthy and want to know if there is something else I can use rather than oils? If not what is the healthiest and safest oil to use? Ive read about coconut but I don't understand its solid form. I know I covered a lot in this question, but Im waiting to break in my new All-Clad till I hear from any of you! Much Thanks! -Brian

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  1. "Do you always have to use a oil to cook with SS? "

    It depends what and how you want to cook. If you are making soup or stewing or any liquid heavy cooking, then no, you don't need oil. If you are cooking very low starch vegetables like lettuces and cabbages, then you also do not need oil.

    However, you will need oil (in fact a good amount) for pan frying meats or making fried rice or frying an egg or preparing an omelet...etc. Otherwise, the foods will stick pretty bad to the pan. Since most people pan fry more than stewing, people do use a good amount of oil for stainless steel cookware.

    Many people retire Teflon nonstick cookware due to potential health concern. Yet, ironically the Teflon nonstick cookware is probably the most healthiest cookware because in term of minimizing oil consumption. Teflon cookware require little to zero level of oil -- even for pan frying.