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Mar 20, 2012 05:00 PM

First Printer in Harvard Square

Has anyone had a chance to check it? If so, any recommendations or things to avoid?

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  1. Stopped in one evening about a month ago, looking for dinner ca. 9:15 pm. Turned around and left because it was SO LOUD. All hard surfaces. They had a good crowd, which is good for them, but we didn't feel like shouting.

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      Thanks for that loud alert. I appreciate the warning so I can have a backup plan if I want to try it.


    2. Bumping this thread to see if anybody has had any recent experiences here. Thinking of trying it out on Thursday night. Thanks!

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        haven't had any food but went for a few beers. It's a nice space with a Squarish bar and a good tap selection. It is loud as it is fairly open. It's larger than I thought it would be. I will say that it was packed the night i was there and seeing people sitting at the bar, I concluded that I wouldn't attempt to eat there as there were people standing behind the bar stools and it's an odd space in the middle of the room.

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          do they have ice cream; they used to make herrells there. They said that the machine would be back to work once they opened. i kept seeing progress and wondered when it would reopen.

      2. I'd love to hear as well. I checked out the menu when I was walking the dog and it looked all over the place, and not necessarily in a good way. I'd love to have another good option in the square, so I'm hoping I'm wrong about it.

        1. I checked in out in early March. My BF wanted to watch the UNC/Duke game at Tommy Doyle's, so I bailed to find better food. So, at that point I was just happy to NOT be at Tommy Doyle's and anything may have looked good - but I did really enjoy First Printer.

          Roasted Harvard Beet Salad: Harvard, gold, and candy stripe beets, parsnips, turnips, mixed greens, toasted almonds, Vermont Creamery goat cheese, craisins, Honeycrisp cider vinaigrette - Yeah I really hate turnips, that was confirmed. But the rest was good.

          Shrimp and Grits: asiago cheese, andouille sausage, Holy Trinity tomato broth - I am a sucker for shrimp and grits, plus anything with andouille, so, YUM.

          Side of Braised Baby Spinach, Rainbow Swiss Chard and Broccoli Rabe - Too bitter for me, but I was trying to be healthy.

          Looking forward to going back, with more people so I can try more. Also, the wine was cheap.

          1. Went last week on a Monday after work. The space is wide open, and if you get a booth there's no problem hearing each other. Between the two of us we ordered the shrimp & grits, beet arugula salad, a beer braised pork shank w/ root vegetables, and the wild boar carbonara. The special of the day was a short rib bolognese. Everything was o.k. Presentation excellent. Not wowed. Biggest complaint is that the bus boy did all the work, while the server chatted away with other servers. And if you are going to dress the servers in white shirts and black ties, they should at least look cleaned up and not lazily put together. We'll probably try it a couple more times, maybe sit at the bar next time.