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Mar 20, 2012 04:13 PM

Deer Island Bakery - New Chinese Bakery on 41st

Although officially opening tomorrow, Deer Island was open today for "pre-opening" with a special of 2 for 1 on all items at their location at 2068 West 41st.

This is a Chinese bakery with a heavy focus on the French influenced Chinese pastries. There were a few classic Chinese items available - but most was more of the French influenced style.

I tried out the ham and pork floss pastry, and the peach custard pastry. I'm not sure what their official names are for them, although it wouldn't surprise me if they called the first one a ham croissant and the second a peach danish. But I'm just guessing.

The ham and pork floss pastry had a nice flaky crust, which was well layered. They did not skimp on the butter, and it showed in both the flakiness and delicious rich flavour. The ham itself was high quality, and the pork floss was a surprise. Many times I'm not a fan of overly dried out pork floss. But this one was flavourful, not dried out, and really enhanced the pastry. Delicious!

The peach custard pastry had a similarly flaky delicious buttery crust. The peach was a canned peach variety, but it worked nicely with the light custard that was tucked in underneath it. Delicious again!

While the fillings of both pastries were nice, the highlight is really that buttery flaky crust. I hope they keep up the crust quality as they get their business going!

Considering they aren't even open yet, I think this place shows a LOT of promise. I'm looking forward to returning once they are up and running in full swing to see if their pre-opening day was just a lucky day, or if they will be providing tasty high quality product continually with that wonderful buttery flaky crust as the highlight. I sure hope so, as it is a welcome addition to the bakery scene if they keep it up!

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  1. Great intel, thx YVRC !

    Address sounds like they're next to Pho Tan, and under Golden Ocean ?

    So when is their official opening day ?

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    1. re: LotusRapper

      Is it run by the same people who had Mom & Pops?

      I spent a lot of time in that 'hood before/after the holidays-M&P was Closed for Renos @ the time so I assume this is their new gig.

      1. re: Sam Salmon

        Official opening day is tomorrow, I believe, from what they said.

        I had never been to Mom & Pops, so I don't know who was running it. According to the Vancouver health records it seems this one is operated by Gui Sheng Xu. Same name, Sam?

        1. re: YVRChow

          No idea of the most recent owners name but they were Chinese running a Briddish shop-not unknown here but a tad incongruous.

          Will have to pop by next I'm up @ Faubourg-and then I just got an email about Sweet E's.....