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Mar 20, 2012 04:13 PM

One night in Lisbon

I only have 1 night in Lisbon....where is the "MUST" eats for breakfast, lunch & dinner?

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  1. Not knowing your tastes:
    Breakfast at the Pasteleria de Belem
    Lunch at Cervejaria Ramiro (shellfish only)
    Dinner at the Panorama restaurant in the Sheraton.

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    1. re: monchique

      I love all long as it's tasty. Looking for tasty local cuisine.

      Is Cervejaria Ramiro the same as "Ramiro?" I saw it ranked on Trip advisor? How about Pasteleria de it the same as Casa Pasteis De Belem which I saw on Trip advisor as well. Wasn't sure how well the translations of names are....

      Thanks for the response!

          1. re: chc1980

            On a budget
            Bkfast Versailles
            lunch Assinatura
            dinner Ramiro

            Without budget
            lunch ramiro
            Dinner Assinatura

            1. re: bimbog

              thanks, can't wait to try some of these!

              1. re: bimbog

                I only have one night in Lisbon, and it's a Monday so Ramiro is closed! What would be your next budget recommendation? We fly in at 6:30 pm and need to find a hotel as well in order to leave the next morning at 10.

      1. Anyone have thoughts on:

        -Claras em Castelo
        -Cantinho Lusitano

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          1. re: monchique

            Both are restaurants for tourist, not for us, that live in Lisbon.