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Mar 20, 2012 03:52 PM

New York eating with 10yr old

Hello. My daughter and I will be in New York for 5 nights in April. We are staying at the Helmsly for 2 nights (arriving Sunday 7PM) and then the Empire Hotel. Neither place serves breakfast so I'm needing suggestions on where we should eat for meals during our stay. I was thinking of going to Serendipity3 for desserts on Sunday after check-in to get that out of the way as she has been raving about trying frozen hot chocolate. I personally could care less. On Monday we are doing a tour with NYSee tours and that will place us in Chelsea Market for lunch and ends in Times Square around 4PM. For dinner that night I'd prefer something not more than $50 since we will be shopping too. On Wednesday we are spending the day at AMNH, but will need suggestions on breakfast. I prefer to eat a healthy breakfast with protein & not lots of bread or carbs, my daughter likes pancakes & eggs as well. For dinner this night I'd like to stay under $50. Breakfast for the whole stay can be as much as $20, lunch $50 and dinner the other nights should stay near $50 for just the 2 of us. I don't want to worry about reservations, unless they're easy to make and not a month wait lol. Tuesday & Thursday I would also like recommendations on things to do and places to eat. We have no plans those days so we may just wonder around. My daughter wants to go to FAO Schwartz, Dylan's Candy Bar(not necessarily to eat a meal), & we will spend some time in Central Park once we move over to Empire Hotel. I know people say not to eat in Times Square because it's a tourist trap and we don't mind catching subway or bus to destinations though we are walkers too. Thanks for suggestions :-)

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  1. I think a burger at Shake Shack in Madison Sq. Park would be fun for 10 year old. And lunch at Grand Central Oyster Bar would impress her. Going to Soho would be fun, I've enjoyed lunch at Bistro Les Amis on Spring St. The Chelsea Market with the various bakeries and vendors would be interesting. Grabbing a bagel would be easy and cheap for breakfast and of course there's a ton of cupcake places that you'll stumble upon.

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      Thanks for the suggestions Joanie :) I have done more searching thru the threads and added some places to our dining lists. I'm thinking Scotty's Diner for breakfast the day of our tour. They deliver to our hotel so that can help us save time, as we have to be in Times Square at 9:45AM. Other places I'm considering for breakfast during our 6 days are Penelope's, Ellen's Stardust Diner, Clinton Street Bakery Co. & Pershing Square.
      For lunch/dinner I'm thinking Patzeria, John on Bleeker St., Russ & Daughter's, Katz, Jing Fong & some street cart dining. My only problem is if we go to Jing Fong I have a shellfish allergy so will we be able to order specific items or is it all off the cart?
      Thanks again

      1. re: LadyG01

        Where did you get the Patzeria suggestion? TripAdvisor? It is a total shill. Dozens of better options for pizza.

        See this thread abut this:

        BTW - this board has a search function. There is a box in the top right corner of the page that you can enter search terms and the previous threads on that topic will appear.

        I just did a search for KIDS and there are lots of threads.

        Here's one:

        Here's all of 'em:

        1. re: thegforceny

          Thanks gforceny. I did search the threads, but wanted to make sure of recommendations
          more specific to our trip. Some of those posts were looking for different types of meals and some were not as recent so I wasn't sure if anything changed with restaurants closing or chefs leaving etc... I actually saw a thread here that recommended Patzeria. LOL. Should we avoid this one? A friend said Max Brenner would be good, but I see ppl recommending Jacque Torres. I guess the latter is better?...
          Thanks so much again. This will be her first trip so I want her to enjoy it. She also loves Disney channel shows for preteens. Not sure if any place caters to that.

          1. re: LadyG01

            Patzeria is not even on my radar, so, er, um no comment.

            Jacques Torres FTW! Better quality than MB. Though, as immature as I am, I dont know what would appeal to a ten yo more!

            1. re: thegforceny

              Speaking as a former 10-year-old girl, while the quality at Jacques Torres is definitely better, I think my younger self would have absolutely loved Max Brenner. There is definitely more of a fun/novelty factor to MB.

              1. re: whitneybee

                Thanks Whitneybee. I am taking her yo Serendipity for the frozen hot chocolate & Dylan's Candy Bar too, but we may go to both of those even though MB isn't highly recommended. She can never have enough chocolate :)

            2. re: LadyG01

              <I actually saw a thread here that recommended Patzeria.>

              Would you please provide a link? I'm a pretty adept searcher, and I can't find it. I've actually eaten at Patzeria, and as far as I can determine, I'm the only Manhattan resident/Chowhound poster who has. You can see my assessment of it in the thread thegforceny linked to. I continue to be fascinated by the fascination this extraordinarily mediocre pizza place has inspired.

              1. re: small h

                I just saw your post about not liking it as well, but I also saw ppl stating that John's crust has no taste and the pizza isn't always that great...So now I'm thinking we may try Keste and also find some falafel carts. I read somewhere that Screme was good gelato. Any thoughts on them? Thanks again for all your help.

                1. re: LadyG01

                  Sorry to hound this. You found ONE positive review of that pizza place from an LA tourist, from 2007, who has posted maybe 5 times in total? Doesn't that tell you something? (The other link you included is a query from a visitor, met with a resounding no.)

                  Are you sure that the reviews you saw weren't from TA and just stuck in your mind?

                  I HATE shills. And it would appear that this is what happened on TripAdvisor, though of course I do not know this for a fact. I have lived in NYC for 17 years so wouldn't look there for recommendations.

                  EDIT: Not a huge gelato fan, but SCREME not big on THIS board FWIW. Here's a good thread.


                  1. re: thegforceny

                    No I have never done trip advisor so it wasn't there. I might have looked at another site though, maybe yelp or urban spoon. I have been working on compiling my list for about 2 weeks before I found this site. I wrote down names of places and then googled them. Lol. I'm glad I found CH though. This is awesome! Thanks so much again. No thoughts on John's?

                  2. re: LadyG01

                    That recommendation came from someone who 1) ate at Patzeria because it was next door to his/her hotel, and 2) admits to being "not a pizza fan." Unlike thegforceny, though, I don't think the people who recommend Patzeria are shills. I think they're...not very discerning, let's just say.

                    That said, I wouldn't blame you a bit for being sick to death of discussing this, and I apologize for belaboring it.

                    1. re: small h

                      No problem. I truly appreciate the responses :)

              2. re: thegforceny

                These were other posts where they mentioned Patzeria being good, though I'm not going there now :)

                1. re: LadyG01

                  Sorry to be so militant! I IS just pizza.... ;)

                  1. re: thegforceny

                    :) I appreciate it. Definitely don't want to walk away disappointed.

              3. re: LadyG01

                You can always ask for a menu at Jing Fong and order things from it. However, the only real draw of Jing Fong is that it's a big eating hall with carts. So if you don't want carts, get better dim sum a la carte at Dim Sum Go Go. The walk down East Broadway will in itself be a really interesting experience for your daughter. DSGG is not as cheap as Jing Fong, but it's not expensive, just a good value for dim sum at an elevated level (caveat: I have found their buns mediocre and stick to other items).

                1. re: Pan

                  Thanks Pan. The carts scare me as I've never experienced that before & wouldn't want to accidentally eat something with shellfish & die in the restaurant :( I will definitely look into DSGG :-)

                  1. re: LadyG01

                    Get the duck dumplings when you're there, and the cilantro ("Chinese parsley") ones, too. And if you like honeycomb tripe, that's a good place to get it.

                  2. re: Pan

                    If you are in Chinatown, you may enjoy a stop by Chinatown Ice Cream Factory. They have some quite unusual flavors. I'm partial to the black sesame.

                    1. re: LNG212

                      Yum. Definitely have to look into that. We love ice cream.

              4. Also thinking of dining at Empanada Mama....any suggestions otherwise are greatly appreciated.

                1. You need to clarify that $50 budget. Is it correct that it's for both of you and not per person? Is it for food only? It makes a huge difference if you intend that it cover beverages, i.e., perhaps, something alcoholic for you; tax (nearly 9%); and tip (20%).

                  What are your cuisine preferences? Any avoids?

                  Note that Russ & Daughters is take-out only. There are two seats outside as well as a park nearby on the corner of First Av. & First St. Eating outdoors is, of course, weather dependent, so keep that in mind.

                  Shake Shack's flagship in Madision Square Park has only outdoor seating. All the other Shake Shack locations have indoor seating, and there is one right near the AMNH.



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                    Definitely not looking to spend $50 per person on lunch, maybe one night for dinner provided it's something I couldn't enjoy in Kentucky or nearby Chicago (where we are from originally). I don't really drink, some wine possibly, so $50 total for food at dinner is close to my max. Lunch I would say close to $25 goal. I'm allergic to shellfish while my daughter loves pizza, hamburgers, chicken dishes, some Chinese like lo mein, orange chicken, bbq spare ribs, sweet and sour chicken, bourbon chicken, and she Loves rice! She also enjoys bread, she could eat it all day. She is partial to cheeses preferring stronger tasting cheese and only cheese pizza. She loves sweets; ice cream, cakes, cookies, chocolate, gelato, cheese cake, but she likes fruits too. She eats pineapples, mandarin oranges, apples, and she won't eat peas. I love food so am open to try new things as long as it's not shellfish. I

                  2. Breakfast with 10 year old girl: Alice's Tea Cup, 102 W. 73

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                    1. re: gracenote

                      Thanks Gracenote. I will look into that one as well:)

                    2. Dont bash me-this is not about food but I highly recommend doing-Experience the Ride-which leaves from the Marriott Marquis-I think a 10 year old would love it along with adults-have done it twice-check out their

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                      1. re: daver

                        Thanks Daver! This is helpful as we don't have plans a couple days.

                        1. re: daver

                          food and drink only on this site - not tourist recommendations. Just an FYI - this is why no one has been offering OP such suggestions.