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Mar 20, 2012 03:46 PM

ISO quiet restaurant in Fairfax, Reston, Vienna

Now that Nizam's is gone, where the heck can folks go who want to have good food and conversation in the Fairfax, Reston, Vienna (Herndon?) area that isn't a chain or doesn't cost a fortune? Nizam's was great because we could take friends or company from out of town to dinner there, have good food and service, and be able to hear each other as we caught up on our activities, kids, etc. I thought Cafe Montmarte would be the answer but have seen very negative reviews at different sites (for dinner time experiences). We certainly don't want a morgue-like setting, but...have all the lesser decibel restaurants bit the dust?

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  1. Funny, I'm thinking about all the places we go to in all of the above and they're all loud! Never really thought about it before...

    I've only been to the following for lunch and they've been very quiet, but I really can't speak for dinner.
    - Kob Kun, Thai, in the shopping plaza near Hunter Mill Rd. I'm not a Thai expert nor am I part of the Thai Authenticity Police, but I love the food here. There's one spice level - good & hot, like it should be - no dumbing down; great service.
    - Old Peking? It's not great Chinese food, but it is quiet - nice space for a shopping plaza, too.
    - Wine House in Fairfax; pretty quiet, not cheap, though. But I love eating among bottles and bottles of wine

    We've taken company to Bazin's and Maplewood Grill (for dinner) in Vienna- not as quiet as any of the above, but they're nowhere near D.C. loud, imo. Been to Amphora for dinner, too (have a s-i-l who's a diner freak) and it actually wasn't that loud.

    Btw, I never got to Nizam's before it closed, so can't make a direct comparison. Good luck!

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    1. re: VaPaula

      sakontra is semi quiet quite good thai fairfax in the costo shopping center
      I also have enjoyed el doce vite in fairfax city
      we are trying Mayuri - indian in reston tonight

      I think we will be trying kob kun that seems to be a great location for a meet between fair oaks and reston

      what is wine house?

      1. re: winepoet

        It's a retail wine shop/restaurant right in DT Fairfax. The food's pretty good, but I go here more to satiate my wine geekiness. The owner (and the staff) are so welcoming, you feel like you're in his home. Very casual, laid-back vibe.

    2. Thanks so much for the suggestions, everyone - am writing them all down. LOL - the Thai Authenticity Police!!

      Re: noisy restaurants: we're not hard of's just that we get tired of repeating ourselves or leaning over our plates to hear what our friends are saying. I appreciate the tips :>)