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Mar 20, 2012 03:31 PM

New Orleans next week. Looking for something new.

I am traveling to New Orleans with my 2 kids, 7 and 10 next week. We visited last year and stayed in the warehouse district. Wondering if based on our likes and dislikes we could get a couple new recommendations for our week long stay in the garden disctrict. Rented a car and wIlling to travel. We love shrimp, crawfish but not mufalettas.

We all enjoyed
cafe du monde
camelia grill
Hoa HOng 9
The joint
creole creamery
Plum Street Snowball
Blue Dot Donuts
lebanon's cafe
Rock n Bowl

I really liked (they were with a sitter)
Petite Grocery

I thought the following were ok but not faves
Angelo Brocato

We are going to Galatoires
Would love some opinions on Jaque Imos, Upperline coquette and Dantes kitchen etc. I have maybe one or two nights without the kiddies. Thanks so much!

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  1. With kids: Cowbell, High Hat, Dat Dog, R&O, Charlies Seafood, Tru Burger, Company Burger, Steins, Jacque Imos, Elizabeths, Mondo, Three Muses, Irish House, Fat Hen, Ancora

    W/out kids: Upperline, Coquette, Clancys, Baru, Bistro Daisy, Martinique, Bacchanal,

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    1. re: CWBNOLA

      thanks! I haven't heard of half of these.

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        Thanks for all the recommendations. We hit Cowbell, Dat Dog Company Burger, Jaques Imos, Elizabeths,
        Of the family spots, kids liked Cowbell the most.Great fun atmosphere and delicious food. We loved the brunch at Elizabeth's. My fried oyster egg dish was amazing. Dat Dog was fun. Company Burger was great too, my fave being the condiment bar! Hansens was a great snowball. Very creamy and flaky snow. Jaques Imos was a little loud but atmosphere was fun, waitress was really nice and food was good.
        We also went to Milk Bar. Nice sandwich.
        We also had a great lunch at the Cake Cafe.
        Grownup dinners were Coquette and Cochon which were both excellent. The drinks and Soft Shell Crab at Coquette were incredible. Nice cleaner flavors than some of the other New Orleans faves. And we went to Cure for a drink which was also excellent. Galatoires is in my opinion not to be missed. A must do experience although the kids didn't enjoy coming out into Bourbon street too much at the end of dinner on a Friday night!
        Next trip I want to try Root which I've heard rave reviews about, Clancys and Dante's Kitchen.

        1. re: kay23

          Thanks for taking time to report. Think about Green Goddess next time------and you'll not be disappointed by Dante's, either

      2. Since you hit Plum Street on your last visit, give Hansens a try this time. I like it better than PLum Street and Plum Street is very near my heart as my mother used to drive us in from Metry once a week to get snowballs there.

        1. Root is a new place you might like.

          Root @ 200 Julia Street New Orleans, LA 504 - 252 - 9480.

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            The menu looks great. I will report back.