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Mar 20, 2012 03:14 PM

Best Up and Coming Chef/Owners

Hey Chowhounds, my friend from Dining Out Magazine has asked me to help him find 3-4 chefs for a PBS TV show that will go around the country to different cities to feature up and coming chef/owners on a TV show with a studio audience. The chefs must be good on TV and not super well-known like Emeril or Jack and they must have an ownership stake in the restaurant. The first three that came to my mind were Nathaniel Zimet, Alon Shaya and Chris deBarre. Feel free to throw out some names for consideration. I haven’t been eating out as much lately so I’m sure there are other great choices.

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  1. Michael Stolzfus ( Coquette/Sweet Olive).

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    1. Beard nominations just came out the other day, 4 of the 5 best chefs in the South category were from New Orleans: Justin Devallier (La Petite Grocery), John Harris (Lillette), Alon Shaya, and Tory McPhail of CP, though I'm pretty sure in his case he doesn't have an ownership stake.

      The Maurepas chef? The husband/wife team behind MiLa?

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        Among the great restaurants in New Orleans, MiLa is one of the least well-known. The Rushings also have an interesting back story. Good choice.