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Mar 20, 2012 02:52 PM

Maple Syrup? Availability? Price?

We have an annual task that takes us past our favourite producer south of Tara in Bruce County, Ontario - roughly across Lake Huron from Michigan's thumb. I mention this to give some context of climate as our seasons roughly correspond.

As I suspected, this mild winter has cut into production. Severely. Mr. Howard informed me that production had been ended for some time and that he had realized half of normal production.

We bought two imperial quarts of #2 Amber (Grade B U.S.?) at $18 each. That was the last of his quarts for the year. We were reduced to buying a pint of the same for my sister at $12. Little remained, the rest had shipped to market.

We normally buy more about mid summer but I doubt any stock will remain even of the other grades.

How does this compare elsewhere?

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  1. here in MA production started and ended early, good availability.
    I have no idea of and don't care about price.

    1. We pay $5.49/lb for bulk grade b.

      1. We paid $10 for 16 oz (I think but maybe it was a bit more) for A grade amber but (and this is probably important) it was from a farmer selling it at an educational demonstration. I am in PA.

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          I just checked the cap, which is marked US Grade A Medium Amber, 16 oz bottle

        2. Maple syrup season was extremely short this year. A young friend who produces syrup said he got less than half of what he would get in a normal year. It started suddenly and ended just as suddenly. As far as I can see, he hasn't increased his prices to reflect the shortage, however. I paid about $23 for a litre - I bought 6 litres in anticipation of not being able to get any local syrup later in the year.

          1. Uh oh. Think I'll stock up on my favorite: Coomb's grade b amber. Thx for the heads up.