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Mar 20, 2012 02:31 PM

Any good Greek food in Austin?

I'm from Houston and am accustomed to the amazingness that is Niko Niko's. I'm a student at UT and can't seem to find any good Greek places! I've tried Zorba in Round Rock but was not impressed with the bland Tzatziki and the dry Gyro meat. Any insight?

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  1. The Mediterranean Chef has some of the freshest and tastiest hummus, babba and beet salad in town. Good gyros and super friendly staff make this a regular haunt for me.

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      I have been buying their hummus & dolmas for months now (highly recommended), but had no idea they had a cafe. And it's right in our hood! Thanks!

    2. Here's a previous discussion about where to get good Gyros hereabouts:

      I like Pars Mediterranean Supermarket on Burnet Rd near US 183, but I'm not a connoisseur of the form.

      1. I haven't yet tried it b/c I'm not in georgetown that often, but Plaka is getting 4.5 to 5.0 / 5.0 stars from folks on trip advisor and yelp. I've been meaning to head up there. This might just be our only hope.Frankly, the answer to your query is that Austin just doesn't have any really outstanding greek food. I've tried hard to find it. Passable fare yes, but nothing that makes you crave it.

        Who's tried Plaka? Funny, they're still in business and their sides are 1.49 each instead of the 8 bucks at the RIP El Greco. Might be something to that !!

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          I live in Georgetown and frquent Plaka but when I'm at work in Austin and want Greek I go to Tino's on 183 and Anderson mill.

        2. Oh, for the days of Ted's Greek corner.

          1. Tinos is the normal chain standard here, there are several spread out over town. Not sure if you'll like it or not, it's nothing special.

            Athenian Grill downtown is popular at lunch. Give it a try if you work downtown, otherwise skip it, you will pay a few extra dollars per plate compared to other spots and parking is a nightmare on west 6th.

            Plaka is basically a direct copy of Athenian Grill, the food and portions are basically the same. I believe the owner of Plaka was related to Athenian Grill at some point, but don't remember the whole story. The food is fine, I can't compare it to Niko Niko in Houston since I've never been. Basically expect the standard Kronos gyro meat, spit grilled chicken, etc.

            A stand out for me is Pars. The Hummus is unlike anything I've had in the area, much thicker and more garlicky. Great price for a gyro, side, and canned drink. Maybe $7.50? And they load the gyro up with meat.

            Kebabalicious trailer on 2nd and Congress is good for a quick gyro. Open at Lunch, but went by yesterday at 1pm and they were closed...

            I have not tried The Med Chef but that's next on my list.