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Mar 20, 2012 02:02 PM

Fresh chick peas

Saw fresh green chick peas in Arax Market in Watertown yesterday. Eager to give them a try, but not sure what to do with them. Any recipes?

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  1. They are delicious just eaten raw out of hand like garden peas. I am sure a gentle saute would also be tasty.

    1. I eat a lot of chickpeas but have often found fresh ones a lot of work for a taste that isn't much better than dry chickpeas. It's the shucking of them that kills me!

      Nevertheless fresh ones do feel like a treat because they're fresh. I like to do things with them that highlight their flavor rather than drown them in a curry or thick sauce. They're wonderful sauteed with some evoo, garlic, lemon, and dandelion greens, or quickly boiled and then tossed in a salad.

      Another recipe we love for fresh chickpeas (or dried) comes from Bittman. Once you cook the chickpeas (we boil them) Sautee red onions in evoo in a large saucepan. When the onions soften add cumin and garlic. Add the chickpeas and toss everything around to coat. Turn off heat, add in TBSP honey, red wine vinegar and a boatload of fresh arugula. Toss this all together so the arugula wilts a little. Season well and serve. We like to add a fried egg on top for a complete meal.

      Edit: Found this link. The only difference is we prefer to sautee and soften the onions.

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      1. re: Klunco

        They are a total pain to shell as are any beans or peas. That said I think they are pretty special and VERY different than dried. Do you feel the same way about fresh vs. dried peas, favas shell beans, etc.? I don't, I think the fresh are wonderful, and different, but like you find it is often WAY too much work.

        1. re: StriperGuy

          Funny, I do feel that fresh peas really do make a difference, but I think the biggest variable here is when the fresh beans are picked. If you picked them up from a farm where they were picked that day, they really do taste different, but bought from a supermarket where they've been hanging out for a week ehh, especially after all that work. It's basically like corn. Don't the sugars start to convert to starch within 24 hours once picked?

          Now, when it comes to your excellent brandied cherries recipe Striper, I still prefer pitting the cherries. Totally worth it for me, but then again I don't normally polish off 40 brandied cherries in a sitting while chickpeas or peas...

          Let us know katzzz how they are, it might warrant a trip to Arax.

          1. re: Klunco

            Hmmm, a chacun son gout.

            I agree though that even with the fresh chickpeas they can very quite a bit. Some are sweet and very fresh, others taste more well beany and not that different from dried.

      2. Fresh chickpeas are available at this time here in India too but in Uttar Pradesh at least we are lucky that the vendors sell them shelled! There are two kinds - one larger than the other. One is the young kabuli chana and one is the young kala chana.

        I love them cooked simply in a North Indian style with potatoes, and also cooked with rice into a pulao - serve with a raita or plain yoghurt, plus papad and pickle and you are set for a tasty meal.

        Another very easy dish is a raw salad, which at this time of the year is sold by many street vendors. They simply toss them with chopped onion, chopped tomato, grated mooli, grated beetroot, minced chillies, minced ginger, chopped green garlic or spring onions, chopped fresh coriander, some masala (varies from vendor to vendor but at home I just use chaat masala), lemon juice and salt. Delicious.

        One thing I always liked eating in Winter in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh was the roasted fresh chickpeas that vendors sold. These were roasted still in there pods and the vendor simply puts it in a newspaper bundle with salt for you to take away. Then you can sit somewhere and leisurely shell and munch, preferably with a cup of chai to go with it! Ah, what a way to spend an afternoon. Sadly I have never seen the roasted hare chane vendors here in UP. :(

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        1. re: Muchlove

          Okay! I'm going to get some today and follow some of these suggestions. They just look so cool.

          1. re: katzzz

            Got the fresh chick peas at Arax two days ago (they're in a box in front of the produce section; $3.99 a pound). Given the warmth of the day, didn't feel like cooking with heat. Just shelled them and threw them in a sort of Asian salad I threw together (carrots, radish, scallions, mint, cilantro and chick peas) where they tasted like fresh peas. Delicious.