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Mar 20, 2012 01:58 PM

Best SUSHI in D.C. ????

Opinions on the best sushi in the district? I'm taking a sushi lover out next month and would love to solid place to go. Can be anywhere in D.C. - price doesn't matter.

Thank you

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    1. I second Sushi Taro, if you have eaten a lot of sushi. Try the sushi bar rather than the dinning room Kaiseki.

      1. I prefer Makoto to Sushi Taro for sushi, but both are excellent.

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        1. re: monkeyrotica

          Also Kaz and Sushi-ko.

          Sit at the bar at and of these places for omakase and you can't lose.

          1. re: DanielK

            Thanks everyone. I know there are other threads on this - but some were old so I just wanted to see if there was any place new. I think I'm going to try Sushi Taro, already love Sushi-Ko and will have to try Kaz next.