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Mar 20, 2012 01:44 PM

Meyer lemons still in season?

Are Meyer lemons still in season? And if so, where can I find them? Thanks in advance!

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  1. I had mine this season from a neighbors tree so I hadn't noticed them elsewhere BUT, over the weekend i needed limes so i went to fresh and easy b/c it was the closest option and there was indeed a sign next to a bag of lemons claiming they were meyer lemons. hopefully someone else has more info.

    1. I have a tree full. What area of town are you in?

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        Thanks guys for the quick replies! Miwine, I live in DTLA but work near Miracle Mile/Mid-City. So cool you have a tree! I should just plant one in my apartment's courtyard...

        1. re: omieurhomie

          I think you should.

          They're easy to grow and my meyer lemon trees seem to have fruit all year long...don't know why....along with my orange, lime and grapefruit trees.
          It's a wonderful and productive hobby, along with beautiful :).

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            I have a dwarf meyer lemon tree and I seem to get two crops a year. (Better than one!)

            I'd LOVE all year long fruit but it is a small tree and I don't water it perfectly. Still, the fruit is AWESOME.

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              Isn't it? :).

              I love the idea of being able to step outside my home and pick my breakfast for either eating or drinking. It's just one of the wonderful things about living in LA.

      2. they're starting to get soft, but they're still around.

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          I found them in Costco in NYS, last week~

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            Meyer Lemons lose their 'umph' in flavor as they lose any firmness. I usually add a splash of regular lemon juice if the Meyers have been around a while.

          2. Friend's Ranch (that's the name, not a friend of mine) at the SM Farmer's market

            1. I saw them at Gelson's in Los Feliz about a week ago. Try calling your local Gelson's to ask about them. Whole Foods might have them too.