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Mar 20, 2012 01:10 PM

Popovers - what do you like to put in yours?

I am finally making some pretty decent popovers, but now I need some ideas as to what to stuff in them.

If you have a special recipe that you would like to share, that is so much the better. Sweet or savory, dessert or main dish, tell us what you like in them.

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    cstout, welcome to popover madness. a baking journey I took with some lovely popover friends. each photos links to a recipe/story/method. it was fun, delicious as all get.

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      I couldn't get into that link, HillJ, but it sounds intriguing.

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        Help!!!!! We can't open that link...something about Flickr...I don't know what that there some other way we can visit there?

        1. re: cstout

          Oh gosh, someone turned the link to private. Sorry ladies!

          see if this link works for you!

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            the perfect popover from BLT
            hot chocolate popovers from JTB
            parm popovers from WOR

            my top three favs! happy popping cstout!

      2. After baking we open and serve with scrambled egss and maPle syrup ham chunks. Be sure to butter the popover too!

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          melpy, do you put your ingredients in the popover, or just serve the popover as a bread?

          1. re: cstout

            You make the popover first then split open and add the butter and the other ingredients. It's more of an assembling act than a recipe.

        2. i've never stuffed them, but we love to eat them hot with butter and orange honey.

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            Yes, I can taste the orange butter right now...thank you.

          2. My all-time favorite is to toss some chopped chives into the popover batter. Leave the popovers unfilled (but buttered) and serve with a nice cut of roasted beef--standing rib or something similar--but the scrambled egg option sounds delicious, too.

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            1. re: lisaonthecape

              chopped chives in the batter...tasty & attractive to see those little specs of chives in there. I bet other herbs in the batter would be good too...little savory herb popovers....yum yum. Going to try that soon. Thanks.

              1. re: cstout

                that does sounds really, really good.

            2. These corn, buttermilk, and chive popovers from Smitten Kitchen are amaaaaaazing:

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                smittenkitchen link...thanks so much for sharing...those do look wonderful...somewhere in the comments section someone called them "push ups"...just loved that! Thanks for sharing.