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Mar 20, 2012 12:39 PM

Italian Bakery In San Pedro

Years ago, I bought canoles at a great Italian bakery on Pacific St. in San Pedro. I've been searching for it in the Yellow Pages, but I don't recogize the names. It was on a corner somehwhere between 5th and 22nd Sts.



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  1. You're probably referring to the old Ramona's Bakery on Pacific (no longer in business).

    If you check a bit up on Western Ave, the same family/baker came out of retirement and opened a new spot a few years back called Amalfitano Bakery, using the same recipes from Ramona's (actually, some are better). They still have those great cannolis and out of this world sfogliatelli (as well as other great pasties, breads, and biscotti).

    I always stop on the way home from the market...and I always pull into my driveway covered in powdered sugar, crumbs, and chocolate!

    Amalfitano Bakery

    29111 S. Western Ave

    Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275

    (310) 833-2253

    1. I also thought of A-1 Italian Grocery. It's on 8th street, about 2/3 blocks East of Pacific.

      It's a remarkable Italian Deli/Grocer, but during the holiday's they take orders for cannolis, as well. Huge trays of them.

      Just a thought. Ring any bells?

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        Just to chime in - they stock fresh Italian bread from two different local bakeries at A-1. Just discovered this place while working in the area. Definitely going back.

        1. re: cant talk...eating

          Yes, they do stock Portofino Bakery and Buscemi's breads there.

          If you work in the area, you gotta try their sandwiches. My favorite is the 'million dollar'. Imported prosciutto, imported mortadella with pistachios, and hot capicola, loaded with provolone, olive oil and vinegar. Killer!