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Mar 20, 2012 12:07 PM

Ad Hoc or Redd???

My Husband and I are celebrating our anniversary with two nights in Yountville and 3 nights in San Francisco. We've both never been to California wine country before. We'd like to do one really nice dinner out in Yountville. I started with a reservation at Bouchon, cancelled it and made a reservation at Ad Hoc. I've read a TON of reviews and now I'm second guessing my choice of Ad Hoc for Redd. At this point I'm open to anything, what's your pick?

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  1. I love both, but I think Redd has more of a special occasion atmosphere (white tablecloths, etc.) for something like an anniversary. Ad Hoc has great food, but it's a lot more casual. Redd even has a tasting menu at $80 which is quite reasonably priced (for bay area/wine country), which is great for a special dinner. When we went there they actually gave my husband and me 5 different courses so we got to try 10 dishes overall.

    Maybe go to Redd for your anniversary dinner but spend another night at Ad Hoc (since you have two nights in Yountville)?

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      I think what Arlene said is spot on. I had the same experience at Redd. Not only did they switch up the tasting menu so we had 10 different courses to taste, they did the same thing with our wines as well (we got the tasting with pairings). For the money, it is not only one of my favorite places when in Napa, it is one of my favorite places, period.

    2. I would do Bouchon for Breakfast. Redd for lunch. Ad Hoc for dinner.

        1. I would recommend Redd...we just drove up from SF to Napa for the weekend and dined at Ad Hoc and Bottega. Both were a little bit of a let down. Ad Hoc just doesn't feel that special. The food was righteous but the atmosphere and staff are sub par. Bottega was an even bigger let down. Wish we went to Redd. Next time....

          1. I'll add my vote for Redd as well. It's someplace you can linger, and not feel rushed. Love that you receive different tastings then your partner. If I recall correctly you also get a little "gift" of either caramels, or mini cookies. Enjoy.