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Mar 20, 2012 11:45 AM


Instead of making the yearly Pesach stock up trip to either Rockland Kosher or someplace in Brooklyn, we are thinking of going to Lakewood in search of cheaper Pesach necessities... What is the selection like? Is there any place known for really good quality items (chicken, meat etc)? are the prices comparable to Monsey and Brooklyn?


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  1. Dont know about Lakewood, but I was in Queens dropping off my daughter and hit Seasons and Arons. Got all my meat and chicken between both. Check out for current prices.

    Went to the Kollel store and Goldbergs fro pretty much everything else.

    1. Lots of shopping in Lakewood if you know where to go.

      is a link to Virtual Lakewood. There are lots of grocery places as well as other shopping info.
      Good Luck

      1. Where are you driving from? If you're in the NYC area, wouldn't the price of gas for the trip eat up some of the savings (not to mention the length in time of the trip . . . "time is money" and all that. )

        1. Good choice - try NPGS I or II or Kosher West - prices generally cheaper than NYC or
          North Jersey for the same products. 30-45 minutes from the Goethel's Bridge - TPike to Pkwy

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            hey queens- no, i am equidistance between lakewood and brooklyn (elizabeth area) so the tolls alone are $22 into brooklyn. If significantly cheaper though, i guess i would pay the tolls.