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Mar 20, 2012 11:25 AM

Cape Cod gets a Food Truck!!! Rte 6A in Sandwich

Well, a trolley actually, and it's a good one! It's called Fiddlestix, gourmet grub on a stick, and although I'm not sure I'd quite call it gourmet, it was quite delicious. It's parked in front of the mini-golf course just east and before the village on 6A. Not cheap, most items are about $9.00, the serving size is generous, and clearly fresh and quality ingredients. I had the tempura fried cod taco, served on a large grilled tortilla with homemade slaw, roasted corn, and a spicy housemade mayo. A bit heavy handed on the latter so I would ask for light on the mayo next time. It's served with fresh homemade parmesan dusted potato chips. Other items were fish. shrimp, beef or chicken teriyaki, falafal with tahini, shrimp poboy, a few different salads and a cold asian sesame noodle and lobster that I will try on my next visit. I've attached a few photos including the menu.

Give it a shot when you're in the area for something unique, yummy, and different!

Their website:

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  1. well i am slow but wondering what's up with food trucks on cape cod. certainly interested in this one if its still around?
    clues? other trucks?

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      Fiddlestix is an awesome gem! She usually will update her fans on Facebook to her daily location, though most of the time she's somewhere on 6A. The falafel and the burritos are awesome. If you want to check Fiddlestix and some other food trucks out (not all Cape Cod based, however) there is a Food Truck Festival going on this weekend at the Marina Park in Falmouth. It's to benefit the Carousel of Light and should be a good time!

      Their FB page has more info on which vendors will be attending.

      1. re: dordalina

        thanks for the reply. i admit I am not very comfortable with FB.
        Do you know of any other food trucks on Cape Cod?
        I know Heidi (from Barnstable days) and would very much like to visit her food truck but very unclear to me where it will be besides in Falmouth this weekend. highly unlikely i will get to falmouth this weekend. as i say Im not very comfortable with FB. doesn't seem like the truck is in Sandwich.

        1. re: chauncy19

          What about FB makes you uncomfortable? You don't need to join it to view pages. Heidi's page gives you all the info you seek. As I read it, she's not doing regular spots any longer, just festivals, special events, and catering. Here's her FB:

          Funny thing about food trucks. My wife and I looked into the feasibility this winter and talked to several town's licensing boards. Most say trucks are allowed, but they must remain in motion when no customers are present. This flies in the face of what we see with our own eyes, like when Heidi regularly set up in Sandwich and next to the sheriff's office in Barnstable village, the Hot Dog guy that seems like a permanent fixture on Rte 134, the guy in Buca's parking lot, and a couple of others. I don't get how they circumvent the rules as I understand them. There was an article in today's CC Times about a truck called 'Sunbird' that is a permanent fixture in Wellfleet. They were quoted saying they are only there because it was the only place to get a license to operate.

          1. re: CapeCodGuy

            appreciate your inputs capecodguy! don't really understand FB nor I guess do I want to. Find it very confusing.
            anyway have you been to these other trucks? Recommend any? Sorry I missed Heidi, was one of first customers when she and kate had whistleberries.

            1. re: chauncy19

              Honestly Chauncy, I haven't had anything worth going back to at a local food truck. Heidi made a nice enough fish taco, but in the end, it was just a fried fish taco, and at $9 expensive by food truck standards. If you really want a tasty, and inexpensive, food truck experience go up to Boston or Cambridge on the Greenway, Longwood, at MIT and many other locals. The fun thing is there are usually 4 or 5 grouped together at any one spot. Mei Mei Kitchen and Bon Me are my faves so far, Here's a site that shows where they are:

              1. re: CapeCodGuy

                thanks for feedback. heard about local trucks and was curious. really not into going to boston much these days but thanks anyway for info, might be helpful to someone else.

                1. re: chauncy19

                  Then maybe you should check out the Food Truck Festival in Falmouth this weekend. (as linked above)

                  1. re: CapeCodGuy

                    Sunbird in Wellfleet is quite simply, amazing in all they it very much..lots of garlic..

                      1. re: CapeCodGuy

                        I was at an open house at Supple Apothocary who had Sunbird cater. Hummus and garlic spreads..homemade chips, dips, lovely food all around...very organic, colorful and huge flavor explosion..