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Mar 20, 2012 10:40 AM

Session Beer Day

April 7th has been declared Session Beer Day, a day to recognize good flavorful beers and ales that have a ABV that is <4.5%. to read more about it.

So my question is what are your favorite craft session ales?

I am a huge fan of Yards Brawler, as well as Full Pint Hobnobber. Others?

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    1. Good to see Lews efforts getting noticed on this. Theres a pretty good list of American session beers here: but there needs to be a lot more out there in my opinion. I was a little surprised to find that the Full Sail Session lagers were all above 5% ABV but then my session limit is probably about 5.5%. Still a far cry from the comparably over produced extreme beers where that number doubles or more. Not that I dislike high octane beers in the LEAST. Just would like to see more good tasting session stuff out there and this notion that if it doesnt punch you in the face then its not worth drinking vanish from the current craft beer scene.

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      1. re: Insidious Rex

        Rex, you're right. Love my stong beers but they aint always what you want to drink. Was very dissapointed in the Full Sail sessions....

        1. re: MOREKASHA

          Be it music or beer, subtlety is not always appreciated. My preferred style is the classic english bitter.. balanced, great flavor, but not overpowering. I prefer it on cask, but however I can get it I am happy. A dark mild is great too...

          In this craft beer renaissance everyone is trying to stand out and being big bold and different is the easiest way to go. However, I really think that economics may drive folks to look to produce more session ales. Fewer ingredients, but good flavor at a premium price is more profitable in the long run.

          1. re: cwdonald

            The late great Pyramid Pale was truly a subtle beer that was very sessionable. I love some of the b-ombs but a subtle beer that I can drink more than 2-3, is almost a lost thing.

            1. re: cwdonald

              One of the major differences is that English hop varieties like Golding, Fuggle and Northern Brewer tend to be more subtle than American varieties such as Amarillo, Chinook, Centenial, Magnum and Simcoe. Compare, say, an English IPA like Samuel Smith India Ale to Sierra Nevada Torpedo.
              I like them both, but at different times. I particularly like a Bitter in cask, where the carbonation is relatively tame. Magnolia in San Francisco makes some good ones, and they have one out called New Speedway Bitter that I like quite a bit and it's under 4 abv.

        2. Three Floyd's Pride and Joy is my go to session ale.

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          1. re: Shaggy

            Good call. And how about Gumballhead at a very reasonable 4.5%.

            1. re: Insidious Rex

              Gumballhead is awesome. I also had a Tyranena amber recently that was great.

              1. re: Shaggy

                Surly Bitter Brewer is my favorite session brew.

                1. re: Fudist

                  New favorite is Poor Yorick, a dark mild from Forest and Main brewing.