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Mar 20, 2012 10:36 AM

One dinner in Half Moon Bay

Daughter, two grandsons 7 and 4 and I are spending one night in Half Moon Bay in a couple of
weeks just to walk the beach and smell the ocean. Which means one dinner. Obviously the place needs to be kid-friendly but Sarah and I want good food and drink - or at least wine. Ideas?

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    1. re: CarrieWas218

      +1 for Pasta Moon is an excellent choice and will have options that appeal to kids. But it's on Main Street and not adjacent to the beach.

      Check out La Costanera's menu and see if your kids would find something they like there. It is right on the beach and it would be great if we are having nice weather. The other ocean front/view restaurants tend to be tourist oriented, meaning overpriced and underwhelming food. Your other options would be Barbara's Fish Trap or Half Moon Bay Brewing, but these are super casual.

      If the weather turns cold or rainy head for Pasta Moon, it's very cozy and the food is excellent.

      Scroll down the page past this post and you will see past threads about HMB.

      1. re: pamf

        My BF lives in Montara and we walk to La Costanera a lot -- and I really, REALLY wish I could find something there I liked!

        So far, everything has either been over-salted or just plain bland. Pity, because it is a beautiful location and they have so much potential.

        1. re: CarrieWas218

          That's too bad, I have always enjoyed their food. We usually just eat in the bar and get small plates, rather than entrees. Looking forward to stopping in soon, now that it's staying light in the evenings.

          I wish I could walk there, have to drive over Devil's Slide.

          Since you have been spending time in Montara, have you tried Gibraltar? I used to really like that place, but the last couple of visits have been disappointing.

          1. re: pamf

            Completely agree; Gibraltar used to be my go-to restaurant in the 'hood but it has slipped considerably in the past year.

            And as for Costanera, I have only had the small plates! It was the octopus that set me over the edge; I wanted to send it back but my BF is one of those who grin and bear it, hating to complain.

            1. re: pamf

              I went to Gibraltar recently with the DH. The ambiance was beautiful (love those light fixtures that look like jellyfish), and the staff very friendly. They put us in a booth with a distant view of the ocean and sunset, which was really nice. The spreads platter was really delicious, and thanks to the Farmer's Market Afghani bolani guys, we were able to quickly narrow in on good combinations based on what spreads they like to put together. The squid appetizer was pretty good. Our entrees were not impressive - his duck was too sweet and overcooked, and my seafood stew was salty and kinda bland. Portions were large - we could have ordered one less entree with no problem, if not also one less app. It was expensive for an overall ok meal. We don't plan to return.

          2. re: pamf

            How is Mezzaluna nowadays? (Instead of Barbara's Fish Trap or HMB Brewing Co.)

            I enjoyed the place and the food the last time I was there but it's been some years. Not sure if it's kid-friendly; but you can walk out onto the fishing pier afterwards and ogle the boats and yachts too, if one wanted... :-)

        2. Chez Shea is casual/cozy, kid friendly and has an interesting menu (diverse but well executed), including a kid's menu. The Latin/Mexican items are very good. I'd characterize it as a nice Bay Area neighborhood place.

          Flying Fish Grill is also good and I like it over Barbara's. They moved to a new location and it's an improvement. The fish and chips are perhaps the best or most consistent I've had in the Bay Area.

          1. I live in Half Moon Bay and have 3 daughters (8,9,13) my favorite restaurant on the coastside is MezzaLuna - by far. Excellent food and wine - also, very kid friendly. They have two dining rooms - the one in the back is probably more kid friendly (more often than not you'll see the owners kids back there as well) and (if your grandsons are like my girls) the bathroom is back there as well - why do kids always need to use the bathroom at restaurants.

            You won't be disappointed, after dinner you can walk from the restaurant and see the harbor or a short drive will take you to Mavericks.