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Mar 20, 2012 09:55 AM

Mistral RW March 2012

A friend and I hit Mistral last night for RW and had a great experience. In addition to the RW menu listed on the RW website (which together with previous good reports about the Mistral RW experience on this board had enticed us there), they had two app specials (a salmon/avocado tartar and another I can't remember, sorry) and two entree specials (lamb osso bucco with goat cheese polenta or whole black sea bass stuffed with lump crab) that you could have as part of the RW menu. We went for the carpaccio and the salmon tartar, followed by the salmon and the pork osso bucco. The carpaccio was very good and the salmon tartar outstanding (as that dish is so often not). Both the salmon, served on lentils with vegetables and lardons, topped with frisee salad with matchstick apples, and the pork osso bucco were very good. We had ordered a side of spinach sauteed with garlic to share, and I have to tell you, that was a knockout. Proper spinach, not that insipid baby stuff (I know, I use it too, it's very convenient -- but face it, very little flavor), properly washed (no grit at all) and a MOUNTAIN of it, prepared beautifully with just the right amount of garlic. Honestly, a serving of that topped with a couple of poached eggs would be my idea of heaven. I don't do desserts but my friend ordered both chocolate ones and enjoyed them both, with the edge going to the profiteroles. (She's a runner, she can get away with two desserts.) Service was delightful throughout, from the greeting at the door to our lovely waiter who did not flinch when we just ordered a bottle of sparkling water, no wine. Oh, a very nice-looking small boule was served after we ordered, I did not have any but it looked good, and had a choice of two things to spread on it. Neither of us could believe that we had not been to Mistral before, but based on that experience, we'll be back.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed. Mistral never disappoints (especially if you're not the one picking up the tab) We were actually going to stop in during RW, but I was so turned off by the rudeness of the hostess when I called to make a reservation that I decided against it. She gave me the old, "Oh... you want to come during Restaurant Week... I guess... hold on." I was so annoyed that I told her I wasn't interested.

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      Why call for a reservation when the place is on Open Table?

      Going on Friday, it's by far the best RW destination we've found.

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          I'm not too sure the math in that article is any good, and the costs are sunk anyway (if you call, they still put you through the OT database to reserve you a table), but if the math was *really* that bad, you'd see restaurants dropping the service, or alternatives arising.

          1. re: mkfisher

            mkfisher, thanks for linking that eye-opening article. I do not blame you for deciding against going to Mistral if you felt unwelcomed when you called, but I am sorry that you are going to miss the good food and delightful service that we experienced. I do hope you found/find somewhere else to have a fun RW evening.

          2. re: L2k

            Many restaurants, particularly at the higher end, hold back tables from Open Table resulting in additional call in reservation availability. Mistral definitely does this.