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Mar 20, 2012 08:55 AM

Good value in Tokyo (sub-top or lunch deals)

First post, here goes... :)

So I am heading off to Tokyo for the first time and as my food budget does not quite matches my wish list, I am looking for great value lunches at some of the top restaurants or great ideas for sub-top restaurants.

After doing research here on the boards, we have booked dinners at Aronia and Tapas Molecular. I also tried to book Esaki and Quintessence (lunch) but unfortunately could not get a reservation either place :(

The budget is however getting a little tight, so we are looking for similar deals to the Quintessence lunch (Y7800).

Any advice would be much appreciated.


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  1. There're too many. Instead of Esaki, go to Seisoka (it's better than Esaki anyway). Instead of Quintessence (never been there), Joel Robuchon. Both have lunch menus around your budget limit.

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    1. re: babreu

      Thank you!
      Which Robuchon would you recommend? I would probably prefer one that is more Japanese influenced as we could otherwise visit Robuchon elsewhere.

      Seisoka I have read good things about, but cannot find information online. Any idea how to reach them?

      1. re: NewNordicTraveller

        Even though L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon was inspired by japanese restaurants (it has a counter), it's not a very japanese experience. In fact, it's quite generic as the idea has been reproduced in HK, Paris, Las Vegas etc. The other two, La Table and the main restaurant, are traditional french. Food is similar in all three and they share many classic Robuchon dishes.

        Maybe Floriege would be a more interesting substitute for Quintessence. The chef even worked at Quintessence and seem very inspired by that restaurant. I haven't been there though.

        Seisouka: 03-3473-3103. You can call them in english.

        1. re: NewNordicTraveller

          I'd skip Robuchon. You can have a Robuchon meal in any number of places in the world, and it would not be much different from place to place.

          I wanted to try lunch at L'Effervescence, but didn't have time. Lunch is only Y4800-Y7500 and the restaurant is gaining quite a good reputation. Reservation can be made through Open Table, too.

          1. re: prasantrin

            thanks Babreu and Prasantrin. We will skip robuchon and check out L'Effervescence instead. Looks good from the website.

      2. Thanks for the help so far. I have listed a few interesting lunch spots. Any input is appreciated.

        We will try to get these for sure because their lunch deals look like incredibly good value:
        Chokugo Hanten

        Also, I am looking at these, but do not have much info on them in terms of food and prices...
        Esaki - will try to get a table when we get to Tokyo although they said they were full for the week.

        The French (we'll probably just do one of these, but which?)
        Maison Paul Bocuse
        Agout du jour
        L'atelier du J. Robuchon

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        1. re: NewNordicTraveller

          Any recommendations for good teppanyaki is also appreciated. We are leaning towards Sazanka at Okura Hotel right now.

          1. re: NewNordicTraveller

            Perhaps Kira @ Ginza for teppanyaki?

            A vote for Florilege (Aoyama / Gaienmae) or Le Jeu de l'assiette (Ebisu) for good value lunch. Re info on food & prices, you can check

            Have a good trip!

            1. re: RipCurl

              Oh, saw this a tad bit too late and booked at Sazanka. We may do both teppanyaki places though.

              Thanks a lot for the tips, will definitely check out the other mentioned.