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Mar 20, 2012 08:49 AM

Gastown, Yaletown restaurant - Foodie quality, regular portions, 20 ppl

Does anybody have any recommendations on a good quality restaurant in Gastown, Yaletown or anywhere else in Vancouver where I can do a nice intimate dinner or lunch or brunch for 20-25 people that has big-ish portions, nice atmosphere and decor? I was at L'abatoir last nite and love the decor and the food was good however for this dinner I'm looking for a bit more straight forward menu that doesn't feel like a tasting menu. Milestones and The Keg has basically the portioning I'm looking for but would rather stay away from the chain restaurants for this, love the small restaurant feel. I was considering Chambar but haven't been there in years really, loved the decor and atmosphere though. Oh and preferably limited or no stairs. Haven't been but heard Cork and Fin was good, anyone been there? Thanks for your help!

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  1. I think Chambar would be a very good bet. The food quality is high and the atmosphere is nice. Why not?

      1. Hamilton Street Grill
        +1 for Two Chefs & A Table

        1. Hamilton Street Grill meets all your criteria.

          Chambar is amazing, no doubt, but it's still very much tasting menu portions, no? When I think "big-ish portions" I don't think Chambar... unless you order the mussels.

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            Thanks for mentioning that the portions were bigger for the mussels at Chambar... Lol... That's what I had so I thought all dishes had that portioning.

          2. check out the menu for Nuba restaurant. It 's pretty straightforward Middle Eastern fare. Several locations to choose from. or what about goldfish in yaletown? chambar definiltely has small portions except the mussels.

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            1. re: annastasia

              Goldfish closed a couple of weeks ago.

              1. re: starlady

                thanks starlady. constant closings and openings of restaurants is what makes the circle of life here in vancouver so very interesting.