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Mar 20, 2012 08:23 AM

caledonia spirits - barr hill gin

hi all -
i was recently gifted a bottle of this wonderful honey infused gin.
i have searched the web but can't find any ideas for it's use.
i tried it in a martini and it was just too much for it when adding the vermouth and olives.
it is great chilled.
i am thinking maybe with some st. germain as an idea?
anyone ever try it and have a drink idea for me?
otherwise i will continue drinking it straight.

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  1. A Bee's Knees or a Beebo would be an obvious choice, adjusting the ingredient to account for the honey flavor and sweetness in the flavored gin.

    I might try something with a little Chartreuse and lemon or lime. You try Yellow Chartreuse if you have any to keep the honey flavor from being obscured, or a very small quantity of green.

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    1. Lemon and honey are a natural match, so I figured that a honeyed gin and tonic with a splash of lime would be nice. I'm having one right now...and it's a tasty treat.

      Now I'm wondering how something minty would meld with this stuff.